14.01.2020 Press Release

U.S - Iran fuse: Ghana and Africa must call for calm

14.01.2020 LISTEN
By MUYAD Social Services

The MUYAD Social Services (MSS) is with a heavy heart calling for calm and resort to diplomatic and political interventions in resolving whatever differences between the two arch rival countries following the U.S airstrikes that killed Iran's top military general and subsequently, Iran's missiles attack on two U.S airspace bases in Iraq in the week.

MSS, through its social justice and human rights advocacy wing, believes that human life, dignity and rights to life are worth more than any level of PRIDE AND EGO IN FLEECE OF MILITARY POWER.

Innocent, vulnerable and powerless citizens are those who suffer at the end denying them their fundamental human right to live in dignity.

MSS is also calling on the Government of Ghana and African Union members, especially Egypt, to get involve immediately to call for calm between the two countries.

Ghana, like any other African country will be severely affected with the continued heightening tension between the two rivals and in the Middle-East.

Rising crude oil prices affects all nations across the globe, except the few heavily oil producing nations. U.S and Iran have their assets, military bases and loyalists spread across African countries, it is likely any proxy attacks can be targeted at those assets and military bases. In event of any such attacks, Ghanaian and African citizens are likely to be affected.

There are also a number of African citizens who are in both U.S and Iran military forces and likely to be affected with their dependent families in Africa to be affected at large.

It is therefore imperative that, African leaders add their voices and interventions immediately to the call for seize fire between the two powers.

MUYAD Social Services continues to show concern to issues of human rights and social justice and empowering the less privileged in society as it plans to roll out its social services programs in healthcare and education soon.

Thank you

Adnan Adams Mohammed
Executive Director
MUYAD Social Services
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