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A Table – Dining With A Purpose

A Table – Dining With A Purpose
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Ghana seems to be making great efforts to meet catch up it most of its agendas for 2020. In the past these things are left massively for the Government to ensure it happens. However, in recent times, seems all hands are on deck to ensure that we get to the end of the road together. I must admit that people have come up with very innovative ways to get every stakeholder involved in the accomplishment of these targets. The current one buzzing every corner of the country is the upcoming event dubbed “À Table”.

You know what they say about food: Food brings people together. Trust me good food gives great vision. This event has been put together by Dotconnect Enterprise in collaboration with Zonta International.

One would wonder why Zonta International amongst all others. The reason is that the mission of this NGO is line in with what the organizers of this event are trying to accomplish. They are known to work with women and girls in our communities. The funds that will be raised at this event will enable Zonta International to reach a greater radius than that which they are covering at the moment.

In view of this the organisers of this programme have chosen the UN Sustainable Development Goal No.5: Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. They do say if you educate a girl you educate a nation. Hence the organisers of this event have thought it wise to use education of girl child to empower the girls in Ghana and in the long run the women. The aim of this is to curb early child marriages around the country through education.

This event is the first of its kind to be held in the country. It is long overdue, but it is here now and we are excited. One might say isn’t it like the usual dinners and fundraisers organised day in day out? I dare to differ. Those ones are close to what this is. This is a social event with a purpose. One that is not about only the people in the room alone or only the lives they are there to touch. This is about both the people gathered and the lives they are gathered to touch through networking. It’s the merging of business and social minds of people to achieve the goal ahead, which is raising fund to be used for the empowerment of the girl child.

Things have been put in place to ensure that people do not feel like they are being brought together just for their pockets but also they get to have tasty meals by one of the biggest chef in the world right at their door step. Who are we talking about here, I’m talking about Chef Oliver Garrivier. For those of you wondering who he is, ask no further. Chef Oliver Garrivier is one of the top Chefs from France and he knows what he’s about. I can boldly say this because he has been doing this for the past 23years of his life. His meals are said to be an exhibition of the world at one sitting. He infuses Asian and African flavours into all his meals.

This gives you something to look forward to. The Christmas season is still here I guess.

The programme is due to take place on the 11th January, 2019 at Golden Tulip. The cost to be a part of this elegant event is a cool GHC230 single, GHC450 couple, and GHC2000 for a table. I think it is too good to be true as should you work the math for what you will be fed, the company you are going to be with, this is not an event to miss. We all say we want change but sit down waiting for change. These are a few ways through which we could all effect the change we wish to see in our country Ghana. We are bonding with a purpose. Throwing a helping hand to the needy, meeting with likeminded people while contributing immensely to the development of our country Ghana.

Now that’s a good way to uphold the good name of Ghana.

Maxwell Ampong
Maxwell Ampong

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