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10.01.2020 Education

GIJ Introduces 'Retake, Repeat And Withdrawal’ For Non-Performing Students

By Mensah Richard Adonu
GIJ Introduces 'Retake, Repeat And Withdrawal’ For Non-Performing Students
LISTEN JAN 10, 2020

Students at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), in Accra would have to comply with new management decisions to Retake, Repeat the same class or get exited from the school.

In circular released on January 9, 2020 to all students signed by the institute Registrar, Dr. Sika Akoto and copied to various heads and lecturers indicated that the decision was arrived at during management meeting held on October 28, 2019.

In the circular, all freshmen and women from (Diploma 1, Level 100 and Level 300 top-up) are required to pass all courses before progressing to Diploma 2, Level 200, Level 300 and level 400 respectively.

In addition, continuing students may carry up to two referrals into the next level on condition that failed courses from three (3) to five (5) per academic year are redeemed at that level or reduced to at most two (2) before progressing.

"Where a student carries a referred course into the next level, he/she shall register and write the paper when it is next available, and such a paper will be marked over 100%. In such a case the highest grade the paper can obtain is C+. A student who has been referred shall pay an appropriate examination fee to be determined by the Institute in order to be eligible to sit for the examination(s)", the release indicated.

All newly admitted men and women of the institute who failed up to two (2) courses shall have only one (1) chance to retake the examination which shall be marked over 100% with the highest grade of C+.

“A continuing student who fails up to two (2) courses over the academic year shall retake the examination in only the referred course(s). A student doing a retake shall sit for the examination when it is next available. In all cases, the examination shall be marked over 100% and highest-grade the paper shall obtain shall be C+. All students shall have the opportunity to retake a course two (2) times only after which they shall be withdrawn from the Institute”, the release emphasized.

On the issue of repetition, all continuing students who fail three (3) to five (5) courses according to management shall repeat the level and pass all courses offered at that level before progressing.

As well, students repeating shall pay the required the fee of the said failed level, join the class, complete assignments and take part in mid/end-of-semester examinations.

"A student who is repeating shall pay the current fee for the level to be determined by the Institute and attend lectures for all courses concerned at that level to be able to redeem him or herself before proceeding to the next level. All continuing students shall be eligible to repeat a level two (2) times only after which they shall be withdrawn from the Institute if they are unable to redeem themselves”, it added

According to the release freshmen and women of the institute who fail three (3) or more of their courses at any point be it (1st semester, 2nd semester or both) shall be withdrawn and as well continuing and postgraduate students who fail in 50% or more of courses being taken at any point (1st semester, 2nd semester) or at any given time fail three (3) or more of the courses, shall also face withdrawal from the school respectively.

"A postgraduate student who fails three (3) or more courses at any given time shall be withdrawn from the Institute." These directives came after less than a week for academic work to resume and students to return to the school.

Although the Students Representative Council (SRC) and the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) GIJ chapter is yet to comment and affirm the new directives from management. It would be recalled that in December 2018, some students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) had to resort to a demonstration against their school authorities for preventing them from writing end of semester exams because they could not pay Academic Facilities User Fees and register on time.

A protest which brought the end of that semester examination into a standstill until personnel from the Ghana Police Service were deployed to the school to maintain law and order as well as calm down tempers of the aggrieved students.

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