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09.01.2020 Politics

Resistance Against A New Register: The UPP Sends A Strong Warning To The Jean Mensa-Led EC

Resistance Against A New Register: The UPP Sends A Strong Warning To The Jean Mensa-Led EC
LISTEN JAN 9, 2020

The days following the EC's announcement for the need of a new voters register has demonstrated very clearly the will and zeal of Ghanaians and stakeholders, in Ghana's democratic process, to resist, fight any uncivil and illogical actions taken by the EC that may put the democracy of this 4th republic in jeopardy.

It is the position of the UPP, as part of the Inter-party resistance against the voter's register, to resist this new voter's register to the hilt and will play its part to contribute towards ensuring that this looting and wasting of scarce state resources does not see the light of day. Amidst all the strong points raised about the needlessness of the register, the Jean Mensah led EC seems to have the backing of the flagstaff house, as we have heard and seen the Senior minister make statements and gestures that suggest that gov't and EC are hell bent on getting a new register. Well, we will be hell bent on rejecting it until this preposterous agenda to plunge the country into a "family and friends state" and electoral chaos is dropped.

The EC must put its ears on the ground and listen to what Ghanaians want. It is unfortunate how our majority lawmakers insensitively use their simple majority to push through in parliament over 833m just to acquire something that is already credible beats my imagination. This money could have built more schools to augment and ease the pressure in the SHS, build more hospitals and operationalise the already completed ones, improve the terrible sanitation situation in the country, build more roads, provide more borehole s in the rural areas etc

I call on the peace council, the CSO's, the National House of Chiefs, the Otumfuor, former presidents, the International community to call the "all wise"Jean Mensah led EC whose main task is to rig this election to drop this fanciful dream for the wind that is coming will encompass and sweep everything in its way. None will be left out.

We will drive home our grievances and the EC will listen. Thus, the UPP has stormed Tamale on the 9th of January, 2020 ahead of the demonstrations. We will demonstrate in Tamale first of on the 11th while picketing simultaneously and in between on the 16th at the various District and Regional EC offices nationwide, again on the 21st in Kumasi and climax it in Accra on the 28th.

We will always have a "plan B" C, E till the EC listens to the voice of the masses. Why buy a new vehicle just because the tire or headlamp is faulty? Why not change the tire or headlamp?

This is a strong warning to the EC to reconsider it's arrogant position and posture before it's too late.

Long live Ghana.
Long live our democracy.
Chief Bukari.
General Secretary (Ag.)