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08.01.2020 Opinion

Nigeria: Restructure Or Ruin

By Prof. Babs Onabanjo
Nigeria: Restructure Or Ruin
LISTEN JAN 8, 2020

Nigeria is a failed state that needs restructuring to avoid total collapse and non-existence as a united indivisible nation. Nigeria is controlled and influenced by the rich and powerful. They are the cabals who disguise as warlords, Godfathers made up of various tribes with a common selfish interest and the morbid taste for absolute power and control. These cabals will go extra steps and to any length to take control of the seat of power for their selfish interest, nothing more and nothing less.

As long as the current unitary military system of government exists, Nigeria will remain in the hands of the few cabals who constitute less than 5% of the population. The Cabal system cannot function well in a truly democratic dispensation where there are checks and balances to ensure accountability. The cabals trample on the rule of law and often use their selective rule of law as an instrument to advance their imperious control of power.

The cabals operate similarly as landlords, they will put you out of your house and rent your home to you. They render you as a tenant rather than a landlord. They strip you of your entitlement to ownership and position you to be an economic slave to your landlord. On a systemic larger scale, they displace the entire village, a community or a tribe.

We must fight against internal and external colonization imposed and orchestrated by the cabals. They use all kinds of methods to achieve their plans including but no limited to corrupt practices, abuse of power, money laundering, government influences and other instruments of government such as the army, police, civil defense, traitors and collaborators.

Generally, some of our current leaders are mortgaging the future of our current and future generations yet unborn. The time has come for a total transformation of our nation through restructuring and patriotism. The strategies must be driven by educational empowerment, skills acquisition, political transformation, social consciousness, universal moral standards as the cornerstone of our laws and statutes, entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr eloquently stated that peace is not the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice. Justice in Nigeria is for the highest bidder. Where there is no justice, there can be no peace. Corruption has become undeniably the rule of the day and accountability is nonexistence or selective.

The instrument of power has become an oppressive tool to control the people to submission in the face of tyrannical administrative unwritten policies. Nigeria is suffering from cancer and the power to be are oblivious to obvious reality. If the cancer is not treated aggressively, Nigeria will die a natural death. It is just a matter of time while currently on life support before the pending doom. How long? Not long but we must rescue Nigeria from dying through restructuring into six geo-political autonomy zones to surgically remove cancer.

The template of election rigging perfected in Osun State has become perhaps the template used in other states to control the agenda of the ruling party. The law must address corruption and the fundamental ethics of morality in our society. The time has come for restructuring before it is too late for Nigeria under the weight of corruption, abuse of power, injustice and lack of progressive development. For Africa to survive Nigeria must lead.

It is time just like in the bible, let my people go from a unitary, oppressive, repressive and imperious government. Change must come by the electorate demanding for change without violence but through the moral consciousness and obligation of the Nigerian people. Dr. King expressed that darkness cannot drive away darkness only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive away hate only love can do that. Love will conquer hate always and God is love.

Nigeria must be restructured to survive. The agitation for restructuring has fallen upon deaf ears by those who are benefiting from the current chaos and the unitary system which is counter-productive to a democratic dispensation

The battle for restructuring must be fought and won. We must demand restructuring through a referendum - a structural change in our system of government that will guarantee, liberty, equity, the pursuit of happiness and systemic regional development and economic transformation.

The South (SE, SW, SS) must engage the North Central to take control of our lives from the cabal and warlords who are the enemies of Nigerian development and transformation. Nigeria is a great nation that stands still and allows cabals and warlords to run over it. It is time we began to take control of our destiny by restructuring Nigeria.

If we can achieve this noble goal, then Nigeria will become the true giant of Africa we hope to achieve.

Prof. Babs Onabanjo
Former President of the Nigerian Alliance for Democracy 1993-1999/ President, AD King Foundation

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