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03.04.2006 General News

University of Ghana to Cut Down Admissions

By Public Agenda
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Dr. Ishmael Yamson, Chairman of the University Council, has disclosed that the University of Ghana is planning to cut down on the number of students at the university in order to instill discipline and monitor attendance of lectures.

This according to him has become necessary because of the findings of the Mfodwo Committee set up to investigate cases of examination malpractices in the university.

"Owning to the large numbers, monitoring attendance at lectures is difficult. Knowing they will not be discovered there is a growing tendency for students to register and leave for Europe or America to work for a period before returning in time to write their examinations", University Council chairman said.

He lamented further that the large number of students on the university's campus "was not good for the students, lecturers and the country and something needed to be done".

Dr. Yamson told the university community that government has endorsed the proposal in response to concerns raised by the public and the revelations from the Mfodwo Report and has promised financial and material support for it.

Among the remits of the visitation panel was, "a comprehensive review of academic programmes in the University of Ghana to determine their currency, quality and relevance to the mission of creating world class human resources with capabilities to meet national development needs".

It again called for a review of the infrastructure and resources currently in place and advice on additional resources required to enable the university to adequately discharge its mandate to train internationally accepted students.

Meanwhile, the Mfodwo committee has recommended that four senior staff of the University of Ghana and seventeen students face sanctions from the Disciplinary Committee of the Academic Board for indulging in various forms of examination malpractices.

The four are Professors E. Ofori-Sarpong Pro-Vice Chancellor, Clara Fayorsey Mante, then Head of Sociology Department, Kwesi Agyeman, then Head of Department of Philosophy and Mr. T. Tabi, then Ag. Director of Academic Affairs.

Professors E. Ofori -Sarpong and Clara Fayorsey Mante are to be removed from office and reprimanded for indulging in various forms of examination misconducts while Prof Kwasi Agyeman is to be dismissed from the employment of the university and Mr. T. Tabi is to be transferred from the academic Affairs Directorate.

Prof. E Ofori - Sarpong was found guilty of interfering with the grading system of Paper SOCI 312 during the second semester of 2003-2004 academic year by instigating the Head of the Department of Sociology to alter the examination results for his daughter while Prof Clara Fayorsey Mante was found guilty of willfully and without regard for proper procedure changing the marks for Comfort Ofori-Sarpong, daughter of the Pro Vice Chancellor of Paper SOCI 312 during the second semester of the 2003-2004 academic year.

Prof Kwasi Agyeman was found guilty of willfully and fraudulently awarding grade A in respect of examination paper PHIL 306, for candidate 10082811 who did not write that examination at all. The board also found him guilty of willfully and fraudulently substituting a grade B in place of an original mark of grade F, a failed grade in respect of examination paper PHIL 204 for candidate 10082811 even though Prof. Agyeman was not the examiner for that paper.

For his part, Mr. T. Tabi has been found guilty of being negligent in the performance of his duties by leaving his office unsupervised at a time when various printed examination questions were being stapled and packaged in his office.

Dr. Ishmael Yamson disclosed "two of the affected senior members, namely Prof. Ofori-Sarpong and Prof. Kwasi Agyeman have taken the university to court in respect of the disciplinary actions taken against them".