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05.01.2020 Feature Article

How Amazing To See Birds Weave Beautiful Nests For The Little Ones?

A bird taking care of the little ones
LISTEN JAN 5, 2020
A bird taking care of the little ones

Birds are a category of creatures that stand out for their grace, elegance, and variety of colors. These qualities allow us to consider birds the personification of beauty and splendor.

Responding to a scribe who boasted that he will follow Jesus and become a disciple, Jesus answered:

"The foxes have their dens and the birds of the sky their nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.”

Even though the answer Jesus gave simply means that there is a cost to following Him, the point He made is broader than imagined.

In reality, many people worldwide are homeless, yet an animal such as a fox, has a hole and a bird, has a nest, thus; both have places to lay their heads.

My article is based on the latter, how wonderful to watch birds make their nests, to protect themselves and the little once against rain, wind and the storm. Birds use leaves, feathers, grass, moss, etc; for building nests.

Each species has its own, from the extraordinary nest of the pendulum, a true masterpiece of engineering and equilibrium, revealing the secrets of birds.

Most people think that the nest is nothing more than the home of birds, however, science teaches us that nests are usually built during the reproductive period, in anticipation of the imminent hatching of the eggs, so that they can hatch away from both climatic adversities and predators.

Birds actually use nests during the reproduction period because it is really the most important gesture that a parent can give the children a place to sleep, in the bird’s kingdom.

They don't only depend on leaves, feathers, grass, moss, etc; for building nests but also with everything they find in nature, including strips of fabric, pieces of paper and scraps of plastic, as intertwined with the small branches.

When we admire our beautiful homes after completion, knowing that our children will have a place to live, the same it really matters to birds where little ones can be born and have a place to grow until they can fly.

However, not all birds build their nests on tree branches, many species, do it among shrubs while others take advantage of the sheltered branches, in the ravines and in the natural cavities of the trunks. One of these birds is the woodpecker.

The swallow prefers to build its nest near human houses, inside houses and stables. The kingfisher, on the other hand, uses holes dug in the sandy walls, while species such as the lapwing and the lark prefer to nest on the ground.

All the wonderful works of these wonderful creatures, either speak to us in parables or motivate us.

They can work very hard to protect themselves from dangers and natural disasters, therefore, why should a man that is above all creatures, be lazy, hungry, unemployed and roofless?

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