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05.01.2020 Feature Article

A Quick Note To A Rocha Ghana's Daryl Bosu

Daryl Bosu
LISTEN JAN 5, 2020
Daryl Bosu

Bless you, Daryl. Well said, young man. Make the business of shaping our society into one in which all the people, not just a powerful and well-connected few, benefit from our nation's considerable wealth, your individual concern too. I believe it is called apolitical-politics.

What we need, as an aspirational and peace-loving African people, is a new kind of politics - in which our younger generations put aside the narrow-mindedness of the NPP/NDC duopoly's self-serving, nation-wrecking pork-barrel-politricks - and focus instead on making Ghana one of the most prosperous nations on earth, by harnessing the energy from your generation's amazing world-class talent-pool.

The goal of your generation, ought to be the creation of a new green e-society, in which all enjoy a high standard of living, and have a good quality of life - resulting from the deliberate prioritising of an environmental policy,

designed to make our homeland Ghana, a nation whose people enjoy the manifold blessings of possessing the world's biggest tree-cover.

As my widow's mite contribution to that noble nation-building goal, my humble advice to your generation, as you take over the baton of leadership, is that you can make a good start by collaborating with your counterparts in Estonia, to digitise our system rapidly. Think of the jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities that would create.

Finally, sea-level-rise is occurring, from thermal water expansion resulting from ocean-warming. To help save Ghana's coastal fishing communities, collaborate with your cousins from Senegal, to regrow the mangrove forests along our coastline - decimated by decades of egregious pollution. Just my two pesewas, Daryl.