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02.01.2020 Press Statement

Statement From Economic Freedom Fighters Of Ghana

Statement From Economic Freedom Fighters Of Ghana
LISTEN JAN 2, 2020

The vice president of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Ghana is calling on the youth of Ghana to remain resolute and stand for a neutral change.

A good leader is like a good parent who wants to see his young kind succeed and achieve all the goodies of life.A good parent doesn't sleep over his child's weaknesses, failures and obstacles. A good parent invests in his children. A good parent is like a shepherd, He wants the best and safety of his flock and always wish them well.

From this assertion of a good leader like a good parent, will we call our leaders who are equally parents of this country as good leaders or good parents? Have our leaders invested in the future of the youth? What are we pleased in this country in terms of economic development, the leadership of the two parties, youth inclusiveness, and youth power? And now, what are we not pleased in this country?

The answers are right before us. So what are we waiting for? Our destinies are tied to a leadership siege which must take you and me to stand and liberate ourselves, Liberation must begin from us, fighters and young Ghanaians. Let us deliver ourselves, our minds from partisanship for partisanship has done NO GOOD for this country. Non-other but we can free ourselves.

The youth, we need to rise and the time is now. Our leaders are nothing good but greedy bastards who only represent their parties, small families and bellies. They are not working for the interest of Ghanaians.

Ghana, we are blessed and we don't need more natural resources, what we are lacking and dying need is leadership, bauxite, manganese, agriculture, and oil mentions Ghana as one of the richest countries but without leadership, resources are nothing but a curse. Ghana is in a curse of these leaders who are benefitting from these resources and our taxes.

They allow and deliberately milk the citizens to poverty, and the country underdeveloped. Our leaders conspire with foreigners who are whites to exploit and disrespect us and our laws.No wonder our laws were adopted from a foreign land!

Our leaders are imperialists in another form we must not be watching imperialism and neocolonialism to come from the whites but we must fight our leaders as the white imperialist. That is why we ve more natural resources yet we are floored under the spell of IMF and WORLD BANK.

Ghana records a huge unemployment rate with the majority in the poverty class, Housing is problematic and inflation rising on a daily basis. Everything is expensive in this country ranging from water, food and power.we are lavishing in poverty instead of riches with only a few of the political class who are inflated rich in ill-gotten wealth meant for the people.

The system is infiltrated and corrupted, Moneyocracy. The moneyed class has the dominant political force with corruption and incompetency thus suppressing the poor and less privileged.

The system allows too many of these criminals to dominate and exploit us.

We the youth have been made to accept the sorry state of our country, and our position as handicap and hard to succeed youth.

We've allowed the two parties to swing the country and our minds like a pendulum in motion. We are made to believe is only the two parties that ve competent people to solving the problems of this country and that mindset is rooted deep within us which we must revolt that mindset and see ourselves importantly created with wisdom that can build a better country than the NPP and NDC.

This has made the two parties to disrespect the intelligence of Ghanaians for too long, this is because we the people who gave them power sees no need to hold them accountable and punish them perpetually. The reason an elected MP will only be cited ones or twice in his tenure as an MP of a constituency only if a party faithful passes on, or there is a royal funeral or festival.

In the same insult, we are seeing party flags in all principal streets of regional capitals, instead of Ghana flags. That is what we get after voting leaders, yet we see nothing wrong with that.

Crucify the dollar and let the cedi live.

The youth can serve better in nation development and can serve as a patch to the linkages of state funds and what is for the people if ONLY we are determined and positioned well to serve as a vanguard of corruption and discipline ourselves. We must be ready to abandon our self-interest and serve the country for economic freedom.

EFF-GH is the right alternative.

The youth of this country is the right alternative to serve this country better toward economic freedom.

Let's not draw beautiful and gigantic images of the future in our minds but let's start drawing and constructing the real future we've imagined Now on the field which is our country Ghana.

Power to us EFF-GH

Viva EFF-GH viva

Merry Christmas and a better new year.

Written and delivered by ANTHONY AKUDAGO.

Vice President for

Economic Freedom fighters of Ghana (EFF-GH).

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