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31.12.2019 Feature Article

You Need Not Be Remembered (Greatest New Year's Message Ever)

You Need Not Be Remembered (Greatest New Year's Message Ever)
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2019 taught most of us the most important chapters of our lives… We are indeed thankful to God for showing us the true world.

Thinking about what we did wrong and right and regretting over decisions is just a waste of time.


We have always been taught to live our lives in a way that, our legacy should last even after our death.

We are taught to leave our footprints in the sands of time!!

This is where I would love to disagree!

Seriously, nobody has time to remember anyone in this world!

No one gives a shit about you, once you are done.

You might have triggered a revolution, made groundbreaking inventions but seriously nobody cares to remember you in their everyday lives.

Even if they do, it might be for that one day in a year, probably on your birthday where people do some stuff just for the sake of doing it, without any real intent.

So, is this what you are lining up for?

Now, don’t get me wrong here! I’m not saying that we all must live a cruel life as no one would remember how cruel you were.

I’m just trying to put a point everyone shies away from bringing up.

You needn’t be that good guy every time.

You needn’t always lead from the front.

You needn’t always be unique.

You needn’t always be that game changer.

You needn’t always leave a legacy behind!

You can be that normal guy in the world, who the world wouldn’t recognize usually, living in his own merry world, happy to be ignored, happy being in the background, happy being not sorted after and still have a great life!

What will keep you going then?

You might ask, if not for all these stuff, then what would keep one going.

The answer is pretty simple.

It’s your strive to impress none but you in this world that would keep the game going.

If you have a couple of minutes before you die and you can look back at your life and tell yourself “Well done!”, YES! You have won the game!

There is only one who you must impress in this world all your life and it’s you!

Forget what this world would think of you once you are gone!

This world has better things to worry about than your dirty life.

So ask yourself, if you are going to die in a couple of minutes from now, can you look back at your life and say “well done?”

If not, start living a life you wouldn’t regret living!


Keep having a great life!

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