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02.04.2006 NPP News

Kennedy, The NPP Rising Star And Presidential Hopeful In Ghana

By Okyere Bonna
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Dr. Arthur Kobina Kennedy, popularly known as Arthur K is gradually becoming a force in the 2008 NPP presidential battle. Dr. Kennedy is scheduled to speak in Ghana throughout Easter. The nation at large is anxiously waiting to hear his message of hope for Ghana.

Arthur K was first seen by the party hierarchy as an outsider and an under dog when he announced his presence four months ago. However, today he is seen by many social and political activists as the Rising Star in Ghana Politics. It has been acknowledged that Kennedy has the plight of the nation at heart and is a delight to listen to. Kennedy is therefore speedily gaining grounds as the one with the vision and ideas to lead the party in 2008. Kennedy is now vigorously campaigning in Ghana with his message of hope. For those of you who want to know more about Kennedy find a gist of Kennedy's background information below:


Arthur K. is a fanti, from Asebu in the Central Region. He was born in the Volta region and educated in Ashanti and Greater Accra, Canada and the United States.

In 1982, Arthur K. was the President of Commonwealth Hall when the three judges and the retired army officer were murdered by the PNDC. As a result of his role in the students' protest of these heinous murders, he was sacked by "workers" and re-admitted under pressure from the students.

In 1983, Arthur K. was elected President of NUGS. Following student demonstrations against the Rawlings dictatorship, he was declared wanted in connection with the 1983 Giwah coup and was a UN refugee for a year before returning to Legon to resume his studies.

In 1987, Arthur K. was the keynote speaker in the celebration of NUGS 25th anniversary. During his speech, Arthur K. stated that the 1981 coup that brought Mr. Rawlings to power was unjustified and unlawful and therefore should not have been supported by students. Following that, he was declared wanted and became once again a UN refugee.

In a 1999 Frontpage interview, Arthur K. told the host, Kwaku Sakyi Addo that in his view, “a government should be more focused on building the nation rather on revenge. Nobody's private grievances are worth the nation's time.”

Arthur K. is currently the CEO of the Family Health Centers, Inc, which is the largest community Health Center in the state of South Carolina in the US with 250 employees and has offices in 4 counties with about hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) patients a year. Arthur K. is a member of the Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce and has just been appointed as the governor's representative on the Board of Directors of the South Carolina Diabetes Initiative, which is established by law and takes the leadership role in all aspects of diabetic care. Arthur K has been honored by a US Senator for his work in Wisconsin (Russ Feingold) and the House Carolina state Senate. As a result of his work, Arthur K has been involved in providing healthcare for the poor and in dealing with state and federal officials in the area of the economy and healthcare.

In terms of personal philosophy, Arthur K believes the following:

1. That we must put reason ahead of passion in our approach to the issues that face our nation;

2. That we must create counter-weights in our government and society in general. He believes that Ghana should strengthen parliament and make it a little more independent and weaken the presidency a little bit."

3. That it is the "it is the duty of a statesman to bridge the gap between his vision and his nation's experience"(Kissinger).

4. On the Presidency, Arthur K believes that a President must have vision, integrity and compassion and must be capable of holding his appointees accountable.

“It is a mistake for the nation to support for the presidency people whose only claim to high office is that they have waited around. Waiting is not the same as preparation. We need men whose minds and hearts are known to us, men who are not just good talkers but doers.”

As CEO Kennedy is known/respected as a leader who shows competence, has the ability to inspire workers, and is skillful in providing direction. He is admired for his integrity. His word is "good as gold" and his actions prove it true; others hearing what he says know they can depend on him.

Ghana for now have had politicians and even presidents who have witnessed their own demise by focusing more energy on the bad and ugly; spending countless amount of time and energy to pursuing their opponents and settling trivia (scores) thereby taking their eyes and energies off from the bigger picture,-- the economy. Spending time on spilt milk has only taken Ghana back not forward. To repeat this would be senseless and sophomoric. This author would rather support and advocate for a candidate who would be more focused on the issues, on pushing Ghana forward towards progress, than one who seeks power to punish his or her enemies or to loot from the people of Ghana. Kennedy does not believe in revenge or amassing personal wealth to the detriment of the health of the nation and its people. He is focused on the solutions.

A close study of Kennedy's leadership philosophies coupled with his success in execution in the business world, not to mention the highly competitive Cooperate America he finds himself, makes this author very fond of Kennedy and pray that men like him would seriously consider running for political offices in the 2008 Ghana Presidential elections.

Stay in tune for Kennedy's itenary and visions for Ghana in the ensuing weeks.