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30.12.2019 Feature Article

Let 2020 Be The Year To Conquer Personal problems Without Defeat

Let 2020 Be The Year To Conquer Personal problems Without Defeat
LISTEN DEC 30, 2019

In life, each of us has moments of difficulty, failures, and losses. It is in the nature of things or part of life, but the question is if you fail or fall, how many times you try to stand up since no matter how hard we try, certain circumstances in life are often inevitable?

Faced with these situations, people are divided into two broad categories, those who easily succumb to problems and those who quickly find solutions for their problems or immediately get up and start walking again if they fall.

How can people be successful or change their poor living standards if they begin to think negatively or have no confidence in themselves? Some of my articles about myself immediately convey a message to readers that this man has suffered a great deal.

Yet, I often say: “whatever happens to me benefits me.” Who knows how my life may have been today if I had not learned very hard from some of my deadly voyages and bitter life lessons?

To me, everyone has a certain power to deal with life-threatening issues or hard lessons but it depends how strong you are. The power of positive thinking and the capability of reacting to adversity and challenges in a positive way are what matters.

What makes the difference are the experiences we have lived in life and the reactions we have had to deal with them. A series of failures can play an important role in our lives.

The brain continues to learn and adapt even in adult life and therefore we can at any time reverse the course by improving our ability to respond to events.

The latest research in the field of neuroplasticity confirms that the brain continuously learns and that if we are able to drive our experiences and change our habits, the inner reality will be literally transformed.

A person with low self-esteem not only fails to live fully and to deal with the problems that arise before him but also isolates himself from others in the belief that he has something wrong that must be hidden.

Often feelings of loneliness, marginalization, frustration and real depression are some of the problems that generate harm to our health.

Today we know that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life and in many respects also our health.

Loneliness very often leads to insomnia, anxiety, decreased mood and these in turn favour the search for compensation stimuli, for example with food, alcohol or smoking.

A person risks entering a negative spiral that increases stress levels out of all proportion. This is the reason some people are addicted to food, nicotine and others become alcoholics.

Since stress affects our emotional responses, the ability not to give in to this negative impact lies in our own hands. Stress is related to a long series of pathologies and for this, it must not be neglected.

I wish every Ghanaian and my numerous readers worldwide, happy Xmas holidays and a fruitful happy new year in advance.