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29.12.2019 Article

Resistance-2: Intoxicated by Vodka, induced with hard substance

A retort to an attention-seeking Kid in Darlington S. Collins. The US Car washing boy.
By Amara B. Kanneh
Resistance-2: Intoxicated by Vodka, induced with hard substance
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It's becoming a habitual political culture that kids with bottle still to their mouth are desperately seeking attention at the expense of almost every reputable character in society. They have become overnight activists, fake political commentators and shams seeking undue attention from reputable characters in our political spheres. One person who has continued to beg for this undue attention is the little quack and breast sucking vestiges of the failed Progressive in H.Boima Fahnbulleh.

Little Darlington Collins in his inane quest to seeking undue attention has just not market falsehood but have flagrantly abused the simple arithmetics of the English grammar thus, making his trash he wrote titled "The Real Narrative " befitting for disposal at the Whein Town landfill without any trace.

In his first paragraph, the quack said, " The GOL response to congressman Smith's Statement on the state of the affairs in Liberia is extremely embarrassing , marked with huge fallacies and represents a boldface lies from the pit of hell and belly of Satan". Bro Collins needs to understand that the indefinite article "a" before the uncountable noun boldface in his sentence becomes extremely redundant when used with an uncountable noun like "boldface". So the word " a" is useless before the word "boldface".

But let's get to the real issue.
I am beginning to realize that the kid in Darlington is either being affected by the winter for which he lives on Vodka or some high substance, or the sham is blinding his eyes to the unfolding realities back home. I will highlight some of the gains made since the President took office that shows the government commitment to international laws as stated in the GOL' s response.

Are you not aware of the followings Mr Quack?
1. Decriminalizing speech offences by appealing an age-old draconian law that inhibited free expression. The KAK law is there and I advised that after your vodka has cleared from your eyes make some research.

2. Ensured there is no political prisoner/ prisoner of conscience. Mr Sham show me one political prisoner, since the ascendancy of President Weah. After you seize on the intake of hard substance make some follow up back home and the reality will hit your dummy face that there have been no political prisoners. Mr. Punk are you not aware that this government has presided over several free and fair local elections, with the ruling party losing to the opposition in two of them including the stronghold of the CDC?

Is this alcoholic failed vestige of the mass murderer in H. Boima Fahnbulleh not aware of this government commitment to protecting the rights of citizens in their approach to civil disobedience/protests? Is this caricature in Collins not aware of the passage into law the Domestic Violence Bill that protects the rights of women and children?

Can someone please help clear the alcohol from the eyes of this neophyte in Collins and remind him that tertiary education is free at public universities, that there is an increment in the salaries of doctors, nurses and teachers; can someone please educate this braggart that our country has entered a program with the IMF to help revive the ailing economy the government inherited. If the none entity in Darlington can't see some of the achievements of this government mentioned supra then the quack needs to live at the mental home or seek some spiritual deliverance.

In his third paragraph, the dummy abused the English grammar by writing " It is no secret that law and order is non-existent in Weah's Liberia". You can't use a singular verb "is" with a plural compound subject like "law and order"

Correct: It is no secret that law and order are nonexistent in.....

Though you failed to provide evidence for what you considered the "acts of gangsterism and banditry by men associated with the ruling CDC ". A statement that can only be rendered as street talks and alcohol-induced.

The punk continues his abuse of the queen's language ;

Incorrect: " The Mayor seems to be a lord unto himself and have..."

Correct: The Mayor seems to be a lord unto himself and has..

The plural verb "have" doesn't agree with the singular subject "The Mayor" so, next time in use 'Has'.

Though the word 'de facto' is spelt by you as "defacto " you see nothing wrong with that either but galavanting around for undue attention at the expense of reputable people.

Incorrect: "Going deep into the second year since the attack, government has failed to..."

Correct : Going deep into the second year since the attack, the government has failed to..."

There should be an article before the word government as a determiner. So the article " the" is appropriate to use.

Incorrect: " It is apparently a taboo for the government to hold its followers accountable for crimes the commit and the abuse of power has reached..."

Correct: It is a taboo for the government to hold its followers accountable for crimes they commit and the abuse of power have reached..."

Though the word apparently is unnecessary in this sentence holding to the fact that words and phrases like basically, actually, apparently intents and purposes are often considered to be filler phrases. They make sentences wordy without contributing any important information. Next time when your alcohol is cleared from your eyes, avoid using empty filler words and phrases in order to make your writing more precise. Kind advice bro.

The word "the" as used by you to say "the commit " is wrong and the rightful word is "they".

At the end of the same sentence, the singular verb " has" doesn't agree with the plural compound subject 'they commit and the abuse of power' so next time when you forgo smoking of hard substance you should use the plural verb "have".

Another advice for the kid in Darlington, the phrase in your second to last paragraph, " Prior to Henry" is just wordy and unnecessary in such modern-day writing that has no respect for timing bro. Just use 'Before'.

Using multiple words when one will suffice can contribute to wordiness or vagueness. Though a sentence may be grammatically correct, writing more concisely may be a better choice.

For example :
Vague: We have discovered a number of errors.
Concise: We have discovered many errors.
The kid continues his gross abused or misuse of the English language thus, disregarding some little elementary rules.

"...and calling for counter protest "
Incorrect: "counter protest "
Correct : 'counter- protest'
A hyphen is used to create compound words. Often, the two words joined by the hyphen act as an adjective that describes a noun in the sentence.

Incorrect : " Finally, Mr. Weah and his band of kleptocrats need to understand that this space called Liberia have come of age."

Correct: Finally, Mr. Weah and his band of kleptocrats need to understand that this space called Liberia has come of age. It seems like the toddler in Collins don't understand that a singular subject requires a singular verb and a plural subject requires a plural verb. The mountebank in Darlington Collins needs to learn those simple elementary grammar before spewing out gibberish in his naked quest to getting undue attention.

From his poor write-up, one can safely surmise that his flagrant disregard for simple grammatical rules is not only his problem but his total disregard for the truths. We can understand that the lad is seeking undue attention at the expense of a leader in Mayor Koijee. So, he will go all length to spew out innuendos and what can be better described as street talks. Before I conclude I will love to ask the kid the below questions which will serve as the basis for our continued conversation:

1. Where is the evidence to prove that Mayor Koijee has been or has ordered any act of violence? Where and when?

2. Can you point to a single scenario with facts to better convince us that this country is "a living hell on earth?

3. At one time you say Mayor Koijee is "Mayor Koijee is violent and other time you say Mayor Koijee is linked, accused ".. I can see how your premises differ with your conclusion rendering your entire write up as non-sequitur. Can you provide us with one hard fact that substantiate your baseless claims?

I will pause here and await your response to the few questions above.

The Pen or Death!
Keep posted for more resistance series.
The author:
Amara B. Kanneh is a young political icon, a member of the ruling coalition for Democratic change in Liberia with over 8yrs of experience in the student & youth community; a graduate of the United Methodist University with a B. A. Degree in Sociology and Public Administration as Minor and a current professional student of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration reading Human Resource and Performance Management. He can be reached via email: [email protected] or contact #s: 0886595786/0778344724.