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29.12.2019 Opinion

NDC Is Ghana’s Homegrown Problem

By Abdallah Matin
NDC Is Ghana’s Homegrown Problem
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In 1957, Ghana successfully unchained herself from colonial bondage and was ushered into self-rule. The 62 years journey that would follow underwent a chequered experience of go-slow growth, military interruptions—mostly senseless in purpose, and spots of fortunes.

Verily, it will be fair and not far from the truth to classify the P/NDC as a part of our country’s HOMEGROWN CHALLENGES. Ghana is 62 years old now. The majority of that, 27 years in all, have been under the (P) NDC. Again, out of the 26 years of the Fourth Republic, 16 years have been under the NDC and 10 under the NPP.

This means that the NDC has had the largest opportunity to transform this country and bring about prosperity to the people of Ghana. But, what do we see?

What we see is this: the NDC, after their eight years, end up taking the nation back for the NPP to fix it. Then they use propaganda, lies and insults to get back in to destroy what has been fixed for the NPP to come back to fix what they (the NDC) have destroyed.

The Rawlings P/NDC regime stained by bloody killings, captivity and culture of silence handed over a highly indebted poor country(HIPC) to the Kuffour led NPP-administration that followed. In just eight years, the Kuffuor/Aliu administration more than doubled Ghana’s GDP, transformed ‘HIPC Ghana’ into a lower middle income country with a flourishing economy and implemented social intervention programmes including Free Basic Education(FCUBE), Free Health Care(NHIS), School Feeding Programme/capitation grant, Free Maternal Care amongst others. All these were rolled out because of the sound economic fundamentals that was laid in record time.

The next NDC Mills and Mahama administrations superintended over the meltdown of the strong economy the Kuffor administration toiled to lay. This period was characterized by a freeze on public sector employment, a painful dumsor, failing economy amidst high-level corruption. No social intervention was implemented to cushion citizens in the eight years.

By 2013, under John Mahama, Ghana was headed to the IMF for a rescue because we were once again debt distressed and the Mahama led NDC regime had admitted their inability to manage the economy hence a policy direction and credibility from the Bretton woods institutions. Rightfully so, the John Mahama reign has been described by Manasseh Azure as *‘’ an error of an era and an accident in history’’*

The Akuffo-Addo/Bawumia NPP team that dislodged the “error of an era” as described by Manasseh in 2016 was faced with an uphill task of restoring an inherited economy bedridden in the Intensive Care Unit of the IMF. In a little over two years, thanks to the superior management acumen of this government, Ghana has gracefully walked out of the IMF shepherded by yet an NPP administration. Certainly, NPP possesses the men of substance, vigor and intellect.

Today, Ghana’s economy is among the fastest growing economies in the world. As if that was not enough, dumsor has been chased away, an era of another set of social interventions implemented including Free SHS, factories being established in each district, public sector direct recruitment of over 500,000, jump in food production among other major achievements.

The foregoing is a summary of a thesis on the claim that NDC breaks and NPP builds. The operatives of the NDC are the real architects of the people’s poverty. It is a fact every Ghanaian must know to keep the NDC at the back bench in perpetuity otherwise our country will continue to leap many miles forward under NPP administrations and race many miles backward under NDC administrations!

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