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27.12.2019 Religion

The True Christmas Message! A letter To All Men Of God

By Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
The True Christmas Message! A letter To All Men Of God
LISTEN DEC 27, 2019

Christmas is a season where we share the joy we experience from the birth of Christ with one another. We often forget how we wrongly go about his call to serve others during this festive season. The way we celebrate it always sends good signals although we do not live as Christ expects us to. What is the way of Christ and what have been our ways?

Christ, they say came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. But what do we see? Men of God today demand to be served. Church members knock at their doors and they won’t respond even though they are inside. Christ they say told his disciples not to demand anything for what they do to others for they received without pay. But what do we see? Men of God are charging God’s people who want to talk to them like custom officers at the Ghana harbor. Did Christ not show mercy to those he met? What do we see pastors doing today? They are robbing those poor people who turn to God for help in their churches. Many pastors have left the people of God in a life of misery. What did Jesus say to those who wanted to follow him? The Son of Man has no where to lay his head unlike birds. But what do we see today about those who claim they are working for God? They are counted among those owning mansions at certain estates, rushing for the current cars including those meant for sports. Jesus Christ came as a proletariat. But what do we say of the men of God today? All are capitalists. They are industrializing.

What did Christ Jesus say? Do not put the Lord your God to test. But what do we see? Pastors are forcing miracles on God. Miracles that God has not designed. What did Christ Jesus say about marriage? That a man will marry a woman and love her, will not wish for divorce. But what do we see? Pastors are destroying marriages. Some have raped the wife of their church member. While Jesus Christ blessed a marriage between a woman and a man at the wedding feast at Cana, many pastors round the world have blessed homosexual marriages. What are you doing as a man of God that Jesus Christ did not do? Stop it!

Christ Jesus wished that there existed love among his disciples and so when the sons of Zebedee raised their desire over and above that of the other disciples and there was a misunderstanding, Jesus Christ calmed them down. He made them accept the fact that they are of one people, like the book of Ruth says “people of God by faith and not blood”. But what do we see today? Bishops are fighting their pastors, pastors are fighting one another. Junior pastors are fighting senior pastors. Some men of God although leaving under the same roof are not talking to each other. They observe the “ I’m minding my business” thing. They preach to the people to live in peace while they are fighting in their mission house. This is not what Christ Jesus wanted for his people.

Christ never called you to preach anything other than the presence of the kingdom of God on earth and the need for people to repent. But what are we seeing? Men of God today are preaching America dollars in the holy places of God. Today, if you’re a man of God and your sermon does not smell dollars, be sure of losing your members. Many pastor as a result are doing everything possible to turn God into a money making machine: a God who produces hard currencies and creates accounts for those who have never been to a banking premise before. Pastors have forgotten what Jesus tells his disciples, to pray for this day’s bread. Men of God today are always estimating what they should get during one service while they sit on their Sanctuaries and watch people put money into the treasury. Is this what Jesus did?

If we claim we are working for Christ Jesus, the one born in the manger, the one whose birth was first and foremost witnessed by sheep in the pen, then we need to form ourselves in His image and likeness. Let’s stop exploiting the people of God and let’s stop treating our colleague pastors like less human people.

May Christ, born to us give us peace and fulfillment in the services he has called us to render to others.

Merry Christmas.
From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.