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25.12.2019 Feature Article

This World Is Really Not Our Home

This World Is Really Not Our Home
LISTEN DEC 25, 2019

Confidently, I can safely say that this world is really not our home. We are here for a while just like all those that have gone before us.

Sometimes, I don't see anything great or sweet in this greedy and wicked world, ruled by people under the influence of Satan, yet call God’s name every day, to cover up their evil deeds.

We live in a world that only a few people, whose heart is touched by God, really understand what suffering and hardships mean, and therefore, will show concern to the daily agony mankind faces today.

Why some people living in comfort often don't care about others? This is something hard to explain.

An airplane has the economy, business, and first-class passengers. They are all well-treated but the first-class receive special treatment, with enough space for better comfort and other good benefits.

Yet they often forget that when suddenly the plane develops problems and crashes, all the passengers die together, without any survival of the first-class or business class passengers.

African politicians have the same mentality. The easy access to money or the power, they involved in taking whatever they wished, make them feel supreme and selfish.

They don’t only forget the poor masses but also the idea that their lives can tragically come to an end in an unforeseen bloody military coup. Never trust Africa even if the democratically elected president is the supreme commander of the armed forces.

The divine life is not a product to sell because our filial belonging to God is never an individual but always an ecclesial act.

Therefore, people, including politicians, must be careful of what they do, especially to people who vote for them and later being neglected or abandoned.

If really God exists, as believed by Christians and Muslims, then together we mustn’t cease praying for this miraculous unseen God to change the minds and hearts of corruptible politicians in Africa, including Ghana.

Many of these politicians are restless and despite all that they have are never happy because the treasures were illegally acquired.

Truly, this world is not our home, all of us shall depart from the earth but what are you taking along with you when you don’t even know where you’ll go after death?

After eating and being satisfied, give thanks to God, Mr. Politician and think of those who voted for you because you’ll need them again someday.

There is nothing that gives much happiness than assisting and helping the poor. Wishing everyone a Happy Carefulmas Holidays.