Wed, 25 Dec 2019 Diaspora (France)

The State Of Man: The Need For Salvation

By Richmond Duafah

Have we not all known men who are clever, cultured, well-mannered and popular- who, as we could see had everything about wealth and possession but who nevertheless knew themselves to be utter failures in life and were miserable? They could manage anyone and anything but themselves. In spite of multiplication of all our efforts, we have but to complicate our modern world to note that to educate men and to give them better houses doesn’t necessarily guarantee a new manor enhances better living. The trouble with mankind is so deep and radical that it cannot be dealt with in a piecemeal manner.

Man is not a mere collection and aggregate of parts, there is a center of his life called the SOUL as vital to his life as the eye is to the body a manner of light, and until that soul respond to the call of salvation man will wallow in utter confusion and nothingness until the pangs of death and the grip of hell becomes his final place of abode.

Many religions and prophets tried to help man and in an attempt to aid the deliverance of man from this chaos of consistent confusion about self and even God created a sects and religions as a pathway for man to reach his maker for answers concerning the plaques on earth ranging from homelessness, inferiority complex, drug abuse, sex menace and many more delinquencies. Philosophers and astrologers have some level of knowledge about many phenomenon but in matters of the soul and the eternal redemption of man, they are as blind as others. The sinful state of man is so deep that the strongest acid known by mankind on earth cannot erase it.

The ultimate problem of man is not himself, his happiness not the condition surrounding his birth. His ultimate problem is his relationship with God both in time and in eternity. No matter what man does if his relationship and obedience to God is faulty he will not find happiness. He may multiply his wealth and academic prowess; he may perfect his educational facilities; he may be the global repository of wisdom but to do so will profit him nothing even in his greatest state of merriment, man is void without God. How foolish it is therefore to argue that the modern man needs a new remedy or new type of salvation.

Is all hopeless? Is there no cure? Are we all doomed therefore to perpetual blindness and darkness? Can man be redeemed at all? Yes there is hope! There is but one answer. There is but one hope. There is but one cure- Jesus Christ the ONLY begotten son of God. He came to the earth because of the blindness of mankind. He has removed by his sacrificial atoning death and resurrection the stain of the guilt of sin. The central message of the gospel is to tell both the reader and the sharer of this post that EVERYTHING necessary for the salvation and redemption of man is found in the person of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth the only ONE begotten son of God. Get Him, Get SAVED.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! I receive you as my Lord and Personal savior. Come and make me your home. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

R. Duafah
[email protected]