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23.12.2019 Feature Article

Desperate Ogwanfunu Cannot Deceive Zongolese

Desperate Ogwanfunu Cannot Deceive Zongolese
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“An open foe may prove a curse but a pretended friend is worse” -Benjamin Franklin.

There is this popular Akan saying which literally translates, “If nakedness promises to give you a cloth, listen to its name.” Indeed, how can someone who has no cloth to cover his nakedness promise another person a cloth, if not for pure lies and deception? Certainly, our elders are very wise!

Ever since President Ogwanfunu won the presidential slot of the eagle-headed Umbrella to actualize his intention for a second coming, the man has resorted to making pronouncements that tend to confirm he still deludes himself into believing his compatriots have short memories. One of such was his attack few weeks ago on the Zongo Development Fund (ZDF) by the Nana Dee government.

During a meeting with opinion leaders in one of the Zongo communities, the former president argued that the ZDF was being misapplied because the Zongos did not need Astro Turfs. He accused the government of “romanticizing the ZDF”, but achieving very little in its efforts at improving lives in the Zongos.

I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I first saw the video. I was too shocked to utter a word. I wondered how a man who did practically nothing for the Zongos for the eight years that he was vice-president and president, could have the guts to accuse those trying to do what he had woefully failed to do. The word ‘desperation’ kept ringing in my mind.

Indeed, President Ogwanfunu has shown yet again that he is a desperate man desperately looking for power. And a desperate man does not have the word ‘shame’ in his lexicon.

It is common knowledge that the Umbrella traditionally enjoyed a lot of support in the Zongo communities, partly due the Aliens Compliance Order by the Busia government which portrayed the Progress Party and its descendants as anti Zongo. Ironically, with the exception of Dr Boom’s government which constructed some drains in Nima and Maamobi, no Umbrella government has done anything to improve the lives of members of the Zongo community.

It took the visionary Nana Dee government, a so-called anti Zongo group, to create the ZDF to help tackle the numerous challenges facing the Zongos. The construction of the 10 Astro Turfs and green parks across the country is very timely as it will ensure the reincarnation of the Baba Yaras, the Mohammed Polos, the Anas Seidus and the Abdul Razaks. If the construction of the Astro Turfs is a misplaced priority, then same could be said of the Bukom Boxing Arena.

Again, the provision of water systems in Gyankrom Zongo (Nsawam), Sabon Zongo (Nsawam), Kotokoli Zongo (Akwatia) and nine others can only be described as misplaced by a desperate Dead-Goat hoping for a reincarnation. Not forgetting the construction of 37 ICT centres in Zongo communities across the country, the complete renovation of the Salaga DA Primary or JHS six-classroom block, the construction of drainage systems at Old Tafo Zongo, Techiman Zongo, Hohoe Zongo and many others.

Abusuapanin, any true Zongo person appreciates the importance of Arabic education to the Zongolese. So all true Zongolese appreciate the Nana Dee government for employing 3,000 Arabic teachers. Such a project cannot be said to be a misplaced priority by any stretch of imagination.

Zongolese used to fall for Kwaku Ananse stories that painted the Elephant black. But not anymore because they know better. That President Ogwanfunu grew up in Zongo and speaks Hausa fluently does not mean he cares for Zongolese. What he did for them as president or vice-president is the best way to measure his love for Zongo people.

I was born and bred in Zongo and I have never seen a government so committed to the cause of Zongos like the Nana Dee government. Zongolese know those who pretend to care for them and those who really care. After all, don’t actions speak louder than words?

Indeed, we are wiser than President Ogwanfunu thinks. He is only deluding himself into believing that his compatriots have short memories. For sure, we will not behave like the drunken cock who forgets that the hawk is lurking in the background.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!