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30.03.2006 Diaspora News

NPP's ethnic politics must stop right now -NACC-NDC

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North America Coordinating Council of the NDC (NACC-NDC) has observed with amusement the misguided propaganda by the Government and Agents of the NPP to tarnish the good work and image of NDC.

The great support enjoyed by NDC within all ethnic groups in Ghana has not been attained without hard work and our acceptance of, and openness to all Ghanaians as part of an indivisible nation with one destiny. This contrasts sharply with the traditional in-bred separatist notions of NPP, whose forerunners sought to divide Ghana, just before she was born, by their formation of Mate Mehu (separation) domestic terrorist grouping and bloody advocacy for the then united people to be divided along tribal groups which they called “Local Federalism”. Such nation-wrecking activities would have forestalled Ghana's Independence had it not been for patriots and stalwarts like Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, whose philosophy is part of NDC political ideology.

NDC's recognition of everyone and everything Ghanaian culminated in the institution of a National Farmer's Day holiday in the 1st week of December of every year to honour our hardworking farmers. National Holidays for our Muslim fraternity was granted by NDC, one in the 1st week of February to mark the Feast of the Sacrifice Eid-al-Adha and the other to mark the End of Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr. In so doing, NDC rightfully earned the goodwill of Farmers, Masses, Christians and Muslims alike. NDC has remained Champions of the Masses because it has marched lock and step with their aspirations and hopes. NDC enjoys massive support from the Northern and Upper Regions, and indeed in all of Ghana because it has a place at the table for all without discrimination and without daily dispensation of snobbishness that NPP showers on non-property owning Ghanaians.

Four long years after the dastardly and brutal murder of Ya-Na, overlord of Dagbon, NPP's government has not been able to hold anyone responsible, even though 40 others were massacred under a curfew imposed and enforced by NPP Security. Likewise, over 14 months has elapsed since Alhaji Issah Molbilla, whose only offence was to donate fuel to NDC campaign vehicle as well as those of CPP, was brutally killed in the custody of NPP security and yet again, not a single soul has been prosecuted and punished. Need we remind NPP, that prior to the general election in 2000, Tamale Butchers had hoisted NPP flags on their sheds but they voluntarily switched to the NDC after the Dagbon overlord, Ya-Na was murdered. In Bawku, NPP fanned ethnic, chieftaincy and political violence that led to several deaths within the Kusasis and Mamprusis in 2002, long after NDC had brought peace to the area. NDC has demonstrated genuine empathy for ordinary Ghanaians, who in turn hold NDC in high esteem. NPP is thus confounded by continued growth of NDC in the face of onslaught by evil forces micro-managed by NPP to tear NDC apart.

In its discomfiture and inability to gain electoral support in the Northern and Upper Regions, the NPP and its acolytes have stepped up unwarranted ethnically-challenged attacks in this last week of March 2006, on NDC, spewing vituperations as proof, by strange lies, that NDC pronouncements show it 'hates' people from the Northern and Upper Regions. Preposterous!

NPP has failed to act responsibly as a government of all Ghanaians, over all Ghanaians and by all Ghanaians. It has failed to prosecute corrupt NPP Officials. It has failed to make Electoral Commission publish results of the Presidential Elections of 2004. It has failed to make good on electoral promises it made both in 2000 and in 2004. NPP has failed Ghana. The good people of Ghana are determined to throw NPP out of power in 2008 and install NDC in its place to clean up the mess and save Ghana.

Long Live NDC

Long Live The Great 1992 Constitution of Ghana

Long Live The 4th Republic of Ghana