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21.12.2019 Feature Article

Reflections On The NPP’s Annual Delegates’ Conference

Reflections On The NPP’s Annual Delegates’ Conference
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As delegates and party faithfuls of the NPP converge this weekend for the Annual Delegates’ Conference under the theme “We have performed better: 4 more to do more”, I hope it will provide all with the opportunity for honest and deep reflections.

Yes, I agree with the theme that this Government has undoubtedly performed better than the previous NDC Government. I am also confident that going to the polls in 2020 Ghanaians will renew the mandate given this Government to continue implementing the good policies it has initiated In Shaa Allah.

Nonetheless, there are some very important matters which if left to fester in this negative manner are very likely to affect the gains made by this Government and hence chances of retaining power in 2020 or affect the chances of the party in subsequent years.

First, I am not very sure the most important variable(s) (based on empirical evidence) to the Ghanaian electorate is the successful fulfillment of some major campaign promises like the Free SHS, 1D1F, etc. Thus, bagging the hopes and potentials of the Government on these successes might be fatal. It is true some major stake holders like Chiefs and other Institutions have openly lauded this Government for implementing these social friendly policies but we need to take heed from the legendary statement of Sir John “fear delegates (voters)” and know that a good number of the populace is indifferent about these developments. This sentiment of indifference which has been expressed in recent opinion polls (whether credible or not) needs prompt attention by those in charge and has to be given the serious attention it deserves. Also, I suggest the Research department of the party conducts an honest and impartial research to find out the most important variable(s) Ghanaian voters are likely to consider in 2020 and whether these fulfilled campaign promises fit into them. This will be very beneficial than just to sit and say we have performed better without looking at what is important or not because without political power you cannot implement these policies to better the lives of the people.

Another important issue which no honest member of the party will deny is the fact that a good portion of our supporters are on edge. This is something very known to the hierarchy but nothing seems to be done to mitigate the damaging consequences that this could pose to the fortunes of the party. To highlight this point, social media is undeniably one of the platforms on which the 2016 elections was fought and will still be a major platform where the sequelae (2020 elections) will be staged. We have barely a year to the 2020 elections but a cursory look at some of the most popular and vociferous social media accounts that once basked with enthusiasm in promoting President Akufo-Addo and the NPP shows that they are either in political hibernation, or even though still NPP members they are spending time criticizing the Government instead of propagating the good works of the Government. In some cases, some have completely been turned by the opposition NDC and they are now actively campaigning against the very Government they selflessly contributed to bring to power. The most surprising of all these is how the social media accounts of some Government and party appointees have become bankrupt when it comes to propagating the works of the Government. They neither share or write to extol the achievements of the Government neither do they make attempt to rebut the negative propaganda of the opposition.

It has become a usual trend by most of the fortunate ones close to the corridors of power to attribute the on edge attitude I described above to party supporters being disgruntled. This is a very simplistic and negative way of looking at things and it contributes nothing in solving the problems. One thing we should all note is that most people see politics not as religion where they have the hope of a reward in the hereafter even if they seem not to have anything on this earth. Thus these folks expect just as every normal person will expect (including those appointed) a direct benefit from their struggles. It is true not everyone can be appointed, given contracts, etc but the least these poor folks most of whom have no political god fathers expect is respect when they are disappointed. This is unfortunately not the case in a majority of the cases even though truth be told most appointees are working tirelessly to put smiles on the face of party faithfuls.

The above is my 2 pesewas opinion which I know carries no weight but I still felt the need to express perhaps it might be delivered in the box of someone who matters.

With a year to the elections, let’s try to get the same or even much more of the zeal we saw during the 2016 elections. Let’s not be complacent because we feel a number of campaign promises have been achieved for there is more to be done and that should start now.

Thank you

Written by:

Dr. Issah Imoro

( [email protected] )