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30.03.2006 General News

KNUST VC pushes for another term of office

By The Enquirer

The lecturers claim that Prof Andam is bending the rules to suit him; a practice they say is against the regulations of the school.

Professor Andam is due for retirement at the close of this year when he turns 60 years on December 15, 2006.

One of the lecturers told the Enquirer newspaper that Prof Andam has allegedly put up a permanent residence for the chairman of the university Council, Nana Otuo Siriboe II in order to have his support.

The well furnished, air-conditioned with DSTV building is on the 63A Okdee road.

The Vice Chancellor who was appointed the VC of KNUST and assumed duty on October 1, 2002 is facing very stiff opposition from within following attempts to extend his stay beyond 2006.

The University Council is expected to meet on March 31, where the Vice Chancellor is expected to table his request.

The KNUST regulations stipulates that the term of office of a Vice Chancellor shall be four years and may upon application be renewed for a further term of two years.

According to the enquirer most of the lecturers are against the move which they say violates the laid down rules governing the selection of a VC.

“We expect the VC to put in place the process leading to his replacement instead of asking that he be given another one year term.”

Whilst Prof Andam has included in the agenda for the university's next council meeting, on the need to start searching for a Registrar and a director of works, because the two are due for retirement, in the latter part of this he is asking for an extension instead of applying as stipulated by the school's regulations.

According to the Enquirer's sources, the Nana Otuo Siriboe II led 18 member board would reject moves by the VC to bend the rules.

The Academic Board works directly under the governing body of the University Council.

The board is in charge of carrying out the academic policy of the university as well as devising and regulating the courses of instruction and study and supervising research.

At the time the University's Transport department is handicapped due to shortage of vehicles, the VC's wife and daughter have hijacked one pick –up with registration number GV116V as a household car which the VC is entitled to.

The VC already has one saloon car.

The paper's source close to the transport department said when the unit informed the VC about their predicament; his reply was that his family is also using the cars.

Currently the only Pick-up at the disposal of the transport department is in the custody of another faculty leaving the department without a single vehicle.

'The structure is that we as a department are supposed to have cars in the garage so that anytime a particular faculty is in need of a vehicle, they can quickly arrange and pick it, then return it after use.

My friend we are not just in apposition to retrieve the car with the family, you dare not go questioning the situation whereby the VC's family has totally seized the only pickup available to the department,” the source said.