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29.03.2006 Gossips

Good Work Done MR President

By Nzema K.

I call on all citizens of Ghana to join me to give praise where its due. President Kuffour in less that 7yrs of ascending the throne as president has dione a lot for Ghana including bringing the eclipse to Ghana, something Kwame Nkrumah & Rawlings could not do in a total of 26yrs.

Like Many other good policies of the NPP Govt, Ghana was choosen as the gateway for the Eclipse to Africa. Infact when negotiations were seriously going on as to which Africa countries to select as beneficiaries of the Eclipes of the Sun, Ghana was the 1st be selected; coutersy the Good Governance, Rule of Law and the deepening of democracy being vigorously pursued by the Kuffour led NPP Government.

To make the occasion grand and attractive to tourrist the Government spend 13.8 billion cedis to set up an eclipse commitee headed by Mr Ferdinand Anyim ensure that the eclipse project was a sucess.

President kuffour also instructed all employers to allow any employee who would like to absent himself for an hour fully participate in the eclipes project to ensure maximum profit. That is ample demonstration that the NPP Government is commited to private sector but Govt led development.