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15.12.2019 Religion

2019 ONE GOD – ONE DAY – ONE AFRICA Gospel Outreach Launched 

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli
2019 ONE GOD – ONE DAY – ONE AFRICA Gospel Outreach Launched 
LISTEN DEC 15, 2019

One God - One Day - One Africa (1GDA), Africa's largest Gospel campaign launched in Accra, Ghana with the intention, calling on all ministries and churches across Africa and internationally to rise up and stand together that multiple millions of people will be reached for the Kingdom of God at this time.

The vision of 1GDA
36 years ago, God gave Wilde a vision of simultaneous crusades taking place in every country on the continent of Africa. 1GDA is the fulfillment of that incredible vision.

For one week, with the partnership of multitudes of churches and ministries from all over the globe, Gospel crusades will be held throughout of Africa; with invited churches and ministries from America, Europe, South America and around the world to participate by adopting a city or even a country and with the help of 1GDA hosting a crusade there.

As Plans Come Together, 35 Countries Are Already Covered:

For this massive event, taking place in the 4 to 5 days leading up to Pentecost Sunday (May 31, 2020), various churches and ministries from around the world are "adopting " African countries.

Each participating organization is organizing a miracle festival in the nation of their choice, assisted by the 1GDA National coordinating team and under the 1gda is mobilizing thousands of local evangelists who will travel to the villages, towns, and cities throughout Africa that cannot be reached by technology.

On Pentecost Sunday, the 1GDA celebration will culminate with the live stream as well as TV and Radio broadcast coming from 3 to 4 specially chosen venues into every country's event.

These streams will include a prayer for the entire African continent and accomplish the goal of the unification of the body of Christ.

In cooperation with many other ministries, 1GDA will send ten thousand local evangelists, equipped to reach out to the unreached people groups and most rural areas of the countries.

"This event will be promoted in the media in all African nations so that all people, religious, non-religious, rich, poor, young, old, etc. will want to follow it on their TVs, radio, internet, etc. It will be so inspirational, exciting and attractive that no one will want to miss it! We will make this event a celebration of Africa involving top African sports, entertainment and political celebrities", says Wilde, 1GDA President.

"Picture a fishing net, with each of the 54 countries in Africa representing a knot, we are currently creating net", says Tomazsewski 1GDA vice president. "We can't do it by ourselves, so we are networking with other outreach ministries. We have ministries taking responsibility for one country or one city in the country. Right now, we have 30 countries covered; to fulfill our mission, we want to cover 45. We have room for 15 to 20 more ministries to "adopt" countries. So we are challenging all African ministries, churches of all Bible-believing denomination and individual Christians, come on board, join for souls to be saved".

How To Join This Gospel Outreach
Wilde and Tomazsewski know that one church, one denomination cannot fulfill God's mission. "individually, we don't have the means to reach the world", says Tomazsewski, who stressed that, all monies raised go directly to funding this event. Wilde and Tomazsewski outline three ways to become involved.

Prayers: your prayer team or you can sign up to pray daily or weekly for the 1GDA project. You will receive prayer updates and will be an integral part of the 1GDA breakthrough team.

National celebrate Africa festivals: your ministry or you as an individual can partner with 1GDA to organize a miracle festival in your own country, or the nation of your choice, given that the country has not yet been "adopted" by another ministry.

You speak at your own event set up your team and assisted by the 1GDA national coordinating team. 1GDA provides you with contacts, supports you with their expertise, and promotes your events through their network, websites and social media channels.

"We request that you allow us to broadcast one hour of the final night from the celebrate Africa event into your gospel festival. Uniting our resources enables us to become a unified force to be a catalyst of revival across the continent of Africa. You will become a key member of this history making event!", said Tomazsewski.

To become an active participant in one God - One Day - One Africa, start by visiting the "join" tab on

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