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14.12.2019 Feature Article

Getting Rid Of The Criminals Amongst Law-Abiding Nigerians Living Legally In Ghana

Getting Rid Of The Criminals Amongst  Law-Abiding Nigerians Living Legally In Ghana
LISTEN DEC 14, 2019

If the African common market is to serve its purpose, we must make sure that systems are in place to prevent criminal-types from moving freely across the continent. Requiring the securing of national exit visas by citizens traveling outside national borders to sister African nations would be perfect in that regard.

We could also get rid of the few Nigerian criminals giving their (apparently as many as 7 million - imagine that Oga! ) compatriots here a very bad name, by getting Nigerian security agencies to come to Ghana to help our security agencies to screen all the Nigerians living here: collecting their DNA, biodata, etc., etc., in the process. We should then deport all the criminals amongst them (including those living in Ghana illegally) caught in such a dragnet-operation pronto.

Ditto, collaborate with China to build databases that can be utilised by AI facial recognition cameras - which for security reasons we should flood the whole of the continent of Africa with. Perfect for keeping out terrorists too, incidentally.

Finally, according to bush-telegraph sources, the closure of the Nigerian border with Benin was apparently engineered by disgruntled Nigerian traders, and the Nigerian mafia-syndicates responsible for making Ghana a global power in online fraud. Enough is enough. Haaba.

Kofi Thompson
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