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28.03.2006 General News

Share solar eclipse shades with friends


Accra March 28, GNA - The National Planning Committee on the awareness and education on the Solar Eclipse on Tuesday urged Ghanaians to share their solar shades with those who do not have, during the period of the historical event.

Mr Ferdinand Ayim, Chairman of the Committee said by the time the eclipse arrived in Ghana, there would be many who might not be able to procure a solar shade or damaged theirs and may not possess one.

"We wish to appeal to communities to organize themselves, in line with the communalistic spirit of the Ghanaian, into groups to enable those who may not have the shades to share the excitement with those who will have them, he said. The eclipse would be heralded by sirens of the Ghana Post horns from the Ghana Navy's ships, tolls of church bells, the throbs of traditional drums and tooting of vehicle horns.

Mr Ayim, who is also the Special Assistant to the Minister of Tourism and Modernization of the Capital City, said, "when all these signs are given, it will be time to watch protected by picking up your solar shades, seeing the eclipse and sharing the excitement."

He said those who may not have access to the solar shades could watch the eclipse on television or live on the Internet at

He advised drivers to either park their vehicles at the approach of the eclipse or switch on their headlamps and drive defensively to avoid accidents

Mr Ayim reiterated the need for people to watch the solar eclipse with the prescribed solar shade and advised those with cameras, video recorders or telescopes not to capture the eclipse without solar filters.

At 0830 hours on Wednesday March 29, 2006 the eclipse enters Ghana, the first African country to experience it. The partial eclipse period, for which the solar shades may be needed and necessary throughout for safe viewing will last approximately one hour.

Mr Ayim wished Ghanaians, friends of Ghana and tourists a happy memorable and incident free eclipse watch with the advice "Do not use your solar shades alone. Share with a brother or sister."

"The total eclipse of the sun of March 29 this year may be the last to occur in your lifetime so please watch with care so you will live long and healthy enough to savour the excitement and relate it to others," Mr Ayim said. 28 March 06