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13.12.2019 Feature Article

There Can Hardly Be Free And Fair Election Or Voting In Ghana

An electronic voting machine
LISTEN DEC 13, 2019
An electronic voting machine

Just as politics is full of corruption, voting is also deeply corrupted in Africa, therefore, Ghanaians mustn't believe in elections the government might convince you as free and fair.

Free and fair election doesn't exist in any third world country since politicians are inspired into politics to make a fortune at the expense of the suffering masses.

This is one of the reasons politics in Africa is entirely different from that of the developed world. In Africa, political parties seek their interest, while in Europe, they are more interested in the people.

During elections or votings in Ghana, there are various violations throughout the regions, since they are always marked by frauds and irregularities.

Therefore, how can one guarantee a free and fair election in a country like Ghana, running one of the weakest judiciary systems in the world?

Why can’t technology help voting or election on electronic screens which tallied votes automatically? This important question has been solved in developed countries, the reason there are no arguments or doubts after the elections in the developed world.

Therefore, until the Ghanaian government changes the current depreciating voting or election system to electronic, they must stop convincing any intelligent Ghanaian that the election was free and fair.

You can't cheat on electronic voting. Before one tries to vote twice or indulge in any dubious activity, the system will never accept it. The result is what we can call free and fair voting or election.