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12.12.2019 Feature Article

Ghana in mourning: Funeral at Flagstaff House, tears are running massively

Ghana in mourning:  Funeral at Flagstaff House, tears are running massively
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At the opening of valves ceremony past week in Sekondi, Western Region of Ghana, President Nana Akuffo-Addo has unveiled the procurement of 12 Mio. energy-saving light bulbs being in the country to help saving an estimated 120 megawatts in its use. Karpowerhip now powered with gas is estimated to save USD 1 Billion over the next 10 years the President announced during the ceremony which saw many onlookers around the world and on the ground in tears seeing once more that sense has passed on in Flagstaff House to the world of the heavens and the white man leaving madness sitting triumphant at the desk of the Presidency in Flagstaff House.

In the world of the White Man it has been established that the so-called "Energy Saving Bulbs" is an idea not solving the overall energy balance, in fact by its production and recycling process as hazardous material, comes in the end at a higher cost to consumers and citizens. Ghana has no facility to recycle such vast amount of "Energy Saving Bulbs" efficiently and effectively, which over time, would end up in high costs for the country. The cost of procurement, the bulbs themselves, the distribution process, possible corruption practices along the way (hold back bulbs by officials finding its way onto the open markets) will in addition to environmental issues potentially more costly for Ghana than the possibly saved energy costs. While the White Man laughs about the small black man in Flagstaff House enjoying the profit generated, the Ghanaians will suffer once more under their confused Leadership.

If for any good reasons "Energy Saving Bulbs" would be the route to take and to copycat, the mistakes the White Man did in his own societies, regulations and its correct implementation could have potentially helped the country; stopping or limiting the import or production of conventional bulbs and forcing the citizens to use the new bulb technology as done in the world of the White Man ready to study in any European country.

Poverty has always been a great source of income for the wise and clever folks; concerning Africa, a Multi-Billion Dollar advantage for the White Man!

To corporate the tears of President Nana Akuffo-Addo to so-called Neo-Colonialism is systematically incorrect. Foreign countries do not invade Africa with Armies and take their natural resources away by force as it is by definition of Colonialism. Since their independence African countries are the entire owner and sellers of their own natural resources. In any market situation the seller wants the highest, the buyer the lowest price for good negotiated about. When Africa gives out their natural resources to the White Man at a certain low price, it is not the fault of the White Man, but the owner of the natural resources as he could have refused the selling in the first place waiting for the right buyer to pass by. As African countries are corrupt their leaders allow this practise to happen depending on more loans from the White Man off selling their countries through the backdoor to him. The White Man takes natural assets to secure his loans after which he is willing to spin the wheel of further heavy indebtedness of Africa. He can be stopped at any time if the Black Man so decides in his own mind and by his own free will!

Tullow Oil pls in London has seen its CEO stepping down from his position on 09.12.2019 due to the ill performance of its Ghana operation, a company with activities in 21 countries operating 68 Oil and Gas fields. Being a professional company it is most unlikely that publically stated technical challenges had lead to the downfall of their stocks of 50% on the London Stock Exchange. As former President of Ghana, John Kuffour had negotiated only a 10% share of the production profit with Tullow Oil plc to the very disadvantage of the country with no proven record of the actual production outcome, this money-making machine will put less money now into the hands of Ghanaians further downgrading the economy, making foreign investors think twice about the real reasons behind the current problem knowing that on the compound of the Ministry of Health 8 ready to use fully equipped Ambulances procured in 2014 under former President John Dramani Mahama are rusting in the sun of Ghana beyond repair; not to mention other vehicles and structural interventions like schools and houses in the country.

Success in life as human being, company and state is entirely based on character!