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12.12.2019 Feature Article

The Manifestation Of Eroded Confidence

The Manifestation Of Eroded Confidence
LISTEN DEC 12, 2019

Trust is one thing, indispensable in any relationship. There is a distinguishable dichotomy between trust and confidence but they almost always go together. When there is trust, you can easily build confidence for one another and the vice visa.

Wherever we find ourselves, trust and confidence provide a very conducive environment for tranquillity. Where there is tranquillity, people offer their best to the progress and development of society.

What really builds society is not just the desired wealth rather the cherished values anchored in trust and confidence. A society where people lose trust and confidence in their leaders is a chaotic society only surviving on a time bomb, sooner or later, it explodes! Sustained confidence in the architecture of society is a catalyst for rapid growth and transformation. It is a desired society, a dream society and a society of rapid transformation.

Our many challenges as a country ranging from social, cultural, economic and political challenges are occasioned by lack of trust and confidence in the systems. Our leaders cannot be trusted and our confidence in them has been eroded, leaving a very confused and disorganized system where suspicion and blame game is the order of the day.

All the various research results released in recent times whether about governance, corruption, trust and many others by reputable institutions can be summarised to one point, which is the absolute lack of confidence in our democratic architecture.

The very institution that is supposed to be working to ensure that we have a conducive environment are the very architect of our woes. Corruption has gained notoriety as political leaders engage in it and use all arsenals to defend same, now it is also very normal for police officers to take money from drivers publicly, and the list is endless.

Things are fast deteriorating but the government is feeding fat on the purse of the public and is unable to see and smell the rotten belly of the elephant. The president is busily defending his corrupt appointees and verbally persecuting perceived opponents with alacrity.

Nobody trusts the system anymore. Insecurity continues to worsen, unemployment has gone worse but managers of the economy say all is well. The ordinary citizenry has put their destiny into their own hands because they think there is virtually a leadership failure.

Under our democracy, every action and inaction show that others are more citizens than others. Development is measured only base on the number of party fanatics who enjoy political largesse. These fanatics after enjoying their part, greedily, will always have a different perspective of happenings in the state because they must defend their daily bread.

Objectivity has become scarce and conscience is virtually dead!

Kwame Nkrumah must certainly be sad! His principles of conscience have suffered brutally.

All over the world democracies survive on constructive criticisms but in Ghana, it is only a few brave who can defy odds to defend their rights and by extension, the tenets of democracy as guaranteed by the 1992 constitution.

Victimization has heightened that voices of conscience have gone into oblivion. Democracy is being fake. It is a new form of dictatorship but we all watch on as we grumble and tremble in endless fear.

The problem is thicker than we can see and that has a dire consequence on the peace and stability of this country.

It is time to reflect deeply. I see a thick cloud with a whirling storm. We must gather to gather a collective weight as a defense mechanism or we shall perish together under the vagaries of an obvious visionless political leadership whose only dream is building a political dynasty that should last for decades.

They came to conquer not our numerous developmental predicaments but to plunder, loot and share. Yes, that is what they stand for! They first blow the horn and vulnerable run into their tents, cover up their bodies with thorn clothes, having sleepless nights without any assurance of seeing the next Sun. They then, in a grand style, dine and wine in a seeming heroic formulae as they capture us and sell to the white man for peanuts.

As the people live in hunger, some have morphed into mere apologists, sycophants, and hypocrites just to survive the circumstances of the time. Only a few with principles and values still stand in abject poverty while keeping hopes alive.

Where there is not continues construction and reformation, destruction looms. It is the last thing every man must dream about. Let the scavengers stop, let the vampires stop, and let's begin a new path. We are in critical times. May the gods of our ancestors save us all!

Voice of Conscience
Denis Andaban
(The village boy from DBI)