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11.12.2019 Feature Article

Stop Threatening Ghanaian Teachers On Strike, Solve The Problems

A Ghanaian teacher, photo credit: Ghana media
LISTEN DEC 11, 2019
A Ghanaian teacher, photo credit: Ghana media

Teaching is a complex activity of which it is not easy to measure but the contribution they provide and the time dedicated to preparing lessons and correcting tasks, are sometimes not taken into consideration by governments, especially in the third world.

Teachers on strike is a common thing which takes place even in the developed countries, let alone developing countries and there are many reasons why teachers go on strike. Teachers know that a day without teaching at school affects pupils but at times, it worth to go on strike to solve their grievances.

The Ghanaian government or the ministry of education many times pleading, requesting teachers to concentrate on teaching in rural areas, yet in many of the rural areas, it's only accessible by bicycles, the living conditions are so bad that no teacher is interested.

The Education Minister will never live in a rural area without proper living conditions, yet he forces and threatens teachers who wouldn't like to teach in rural areas.

Instead of developing rural areas to promote good education, they rather get infuriated if teachers declined the request. About the current strike of teachers which appeared on the ModernGhana news site, it's sad to note that one of the reasons for the strike is the government had played con with the teachers for long, spanning from 2012 to 2016.

In such situations, the choice and the responsibility, in this case, fall on the Ghanaian government or the Minister of Education. Threatening teachers on strike is actually the worst thing to do if a government thinks that would help to solve the problem.


There is a big difference in the living standards between European and African teachers but they are all human beings

Frankly speaking, Ghanaians teachers are underpaid and many of them living conditions are very poor. Many often say that Ghana is a developing country, therefore, things will be better but the fact is Ghana is a rich country, richer than many European countries.

The Ghanaian government must see to the plight of teachers and improve their living conditions. They must give them a special package of loans for those interested to purchase vehicles to facilitate their movements to teach without stress.

In Europe, teachers are well paid with good benefits. Stop the corruption and use that money to improve the lives of teachers to give better service to future leaders.

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