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26.03.2006 Diaspora (USA)

Opportunities To Study In The USA

By "Kojo Quartey"

– Scholarships Available

I am Dean of the Donald W. Maine School of Business at Davenport University in the USA and coincidentally also a Ghanaian. I am attempting to do my due diligence by providing opportunities for serious Ghanaians to study in the United States. While it appears that tertiary education in Ghana has improved over the last few years, there is still a long way to go. This effort will only supplement and complement the efforts of our tertiary institutions in Ghana.

I am new to my position at Davenport University but have succeeded in garnering my institution's support to ameliorate the situation. Previous efforts at another institution led to over 100 Ghanaian students coming to the United States to study. We at Davenport are of the opinion that those who pursue higher education either in Ghana or abroad will be better able to make meaningful contributions to Ghana, regardless of where they are educated or where they choose to live.

To that end, my American colleague, Reid Gough, who is Dean of Technology, and I will be traveling to Ghana in early April to present a series of seminars and recruit students. We plan to present seminars in Accra on April 10th and 11th and Kumasi on April 12th (check the Daily Graphic on March 31st and April 7th, USIS and the Davenport University Website for venues and times). We will be recruiting students to come to the USA and others to take our classes online. By the way, if you already live in the USA or elsewhere or are not a Ghanaian but are seriously interested in pursuing your education, we will welcome you. While our initial focus is on Ghana, we are reaching out to all serious-minded individuals, regardless of nationality – this is an equal opportunity venture. Just visit at anytime for general information, and after March 24, 2006 for specific information on the Davenport Ghana Project.

Davenport University, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has the largest business program in the State of Michigan, one of the largest Network Security Programs and the only Biometric Security program in the USA. That program, headed by Reid Gough, was recently featured on CNN and Fox News ( under current news and CNN video). Indeed, we are a dynamic institution on the cutting edge. For those interested in sports, we also have a first-rate soccer team which just won the conference championship; and we do award soccer scholarships. Just coincidentally, Grand Rapids is also a Sister City to Accra (Ga District) – this relationship is opening more doors and providing more opportunities for Ghanaian businesses and students.

We have scholarships and campus employment opportunities for those who qualify. Please visit the link for more information and encourage any serious individuals to attend our seminars or contact our admissions office and mention Ghana recruitment. I am excited about the possibilities, the University is enthusiastic and the City and local businesses are supportive. Together, we can make a better Ghana and a better world.


Kojo A. Quartey, Ph.D.

Professor and Dean Davenport University