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26.03.2006 General News

Eclipse, not sign of Christ's coming - Bishop.

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Takoradi, March 26, GNA - A Catholic priest said on Sunday that it would be fruitless for Christians to look for signs of the end of times or the second coming of Jesus Christ through rare natural occurrences like the lunar eclipse.

Therefore they should be wary of "religious charlatans" and other unscrupulous people who might give different interpretations to this and other rare phenomena to corrupt their faith.

The most Reverend John Martin Darko, the Bishop of the Sekondi-Takoradi Diocese, told the GNA that Christian must be ready at all times for the coming of Christ by eschewing corruption and other vices and also be disciplined and obey the laws of the country. "Again if we love and do good to our neighbours irrespective of their sex, religion, status or ethnic origin, then we must be ready for the second coming of Jesus", he said.

Bishop Darko said a good Christian must not look for signs of the end of times or the second coming of Christ before adhering to the teachings of the Bible.

He said the Bible did not foretell when the end of times would come even though it spoke of many things that would happen before this, adding that even then no one knows when that time would come.