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24.03.2006 General News

I am the castle's only source -Agyepong

By Free Press

In the Biblical context, Jesus Christ said no one gets to the Father except through him. Similarly in the contemporary context, the press secretary to the President, Mr. Kwabena Agyapong says nobody comes to the Castle but by him. He says he is the only source of information from the Castle and that without him, no other source should be authorized.

Speaking to the press at the Castle, he told journalists that the weekly Castle press briefing was a perfect means to allow the media to cross check their facts before publishing their stories. “Yet the press keeps on quoting in their reportage 'a source close to the Castle without mentioning any name”.

He said this sort of speculation in the media was bad and should be discouraged. Mr. Agyapong declared that he is the only source in the Castle and that any one who thinks he or she had a different source other than him is a liar. He has also debunked all publications in the newspapers that use the Castle as their source in order to back their reportage as malicious.