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24.03.2006 General News

Kweku Baako Attacks Mrs. Rawlings

By Weekend Crusading Guide
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The Editor-In-Chief of The Crusading Guide, Mr. Kweku Baako Jnr, has reacted to the effusions of Mrs. Rawlings to the effect that the government of the New Patriotic Party restored the 'protocol courtesies' of ex-President Rawlings because of pressure from the European Union (EU) African Union, the United Nations (UN) and other foreign groups.

Baako in interview with Weekend Crusading Guide, challenged Mrs. Rawlings to show any evidence from these international organisations that suggests that hey have brought pressure to bear on government to restore former President Rawlings' 'protocol courtesies'. The Editor-In-Chief of The Crusading Guide contended that Konadu has been peddling obvious untruths about those international organisations for sometime now and all such occasions she had been proven wrong.

Baako wondered why Mrs. Rawlings keeps on repeating such utterances without any evidence. He affirmed that it was a fallacy for Konadu to say that Ghana had collapsed before the husband (ex-President Rawlings) took over power through a coup d'etat on 31st December 1981. He argued that in any case, Hilla Limann, the then President of Ghana had been given a four year mandate by the people of Ghana through a properly organised election. “So they had no business in the first place to take over power from a constitutionally elected government”, he emphasised.

Baako further intimated that the Limann administration was elected by Ghanaians to resolve the problems that existed in that era, adding that Rawlings and his colleagues therefore had no business at all meddling in the affairs of Limann's administration by overthrowing his government. Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) has reacted to Konadu's statement, saying that it is unfortunate and untrue that they had brought pressure to bare on the Kufuor administration to restore Rawlings' protocol courtesies.

A source within the European Union delegation in Ghana intimated that they (the EU) do not dabble in the internal affairs of any country, adding. Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings told a private radio station in Accra that she and her husband were happy living as ordinary people and did not need the official 'protocol courtesies' restored by government to her husband after they had been revoked earlier. Dr. Tony Aidoo also added his voice to the issue, advising ex-President Rawlings to reject the offer from the government. Dr. Tony Aidoo submitted that there was a sinister motive behind the restoration of those 'courtesies', adding that Rawlings should throw the courtesies back onto the face of the NPP government. WCG