StanChart Meets Stakeholders In Anti-bribery, Corruption Fight

Business & Finance StanChart Meets Stakeholders In Anti-bribery, Corruption Fight
DEC 4, 2019 LISTEN

Standard Chartered Bank has organised its maiden anti-bribery and corruption forum in Accra to fight against bribery and corruption especially in the private sector in the country.

Speakers at the forum came to a consensus that corruption in the country is endemic thus there is the need for all hands on deck to fight the canker.

They suggested the private sector and civil society groups play a key role in pushing the government to ensure corruption is nibbed in the bud.

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Standard Chartered Bank, Dr. Emmanuel Oteng Kumah, said the forum is one of their thought leadership ideas to provoke issues of national importance.

He explained that, organising the forum to engage key stakeholders in the corruption fight come out with more practical solutions in curbing this vice.

“As a bank, hosting this event demonstrates our commitment fighting bribery and corruption and broader financial crimes like money laundering and terrorism financing and so on,” he added.

Dr. Oteng Kumah said StanChart is leading the way because it reflects their key message “to be here for good”.