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Ghana Card: Mass registration exercise begins in Ashanti on Dec. 11

By Francis Appiah
Ghana Card: Mass registration exercise begins in Ashanti on Dec. 11
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The National Identification Authority (NIA) will begin the mass registration exercise in the Ashanti region from Wednesday, 11 November, 2019 and ends on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, for the issuance of the Ghana Card.

The exercise starts from 7:00am to 5:00pm, and will be conducted at 833 NIA operational registration centres across 47 districts in the region, with 15,000 NIA officials to speed the exercise.

Executive Secretary of the NIA, Prof. Kenneth Attafuah, announcing this at a press briefing in Kumasi on Monday, December 2, 2019, said the authority is expected to register 2,811,299 Ghanaian citizens.

Prof. Attafuah speaking about the primary mandatory requirements for the registration, he said “primary requirements needed to enable one to register are valid passport and birth certificate. One may also need a digital address, which can be generated by downloading Ghana Post GPS”.

“Anyone without the primary mandatory requirements needs one family member who has already registered or two people who have already registered and they must be present with their cards to support the registration,” he added.

He warned that paying or giving money to any of official before, during or after the registration process will be considered as a bribe and it is a criminal offense, “because the exercise is free of charge.”

Prof. Attafuah also speaking about the significance of the Ghana Card said it has been embedded with NHIS, drivers’ license, passport, and other state-issued cards.

“The acquisition of the card serves as a passport, drivers’ license, passport that can be used among the ECOWAS member state, SSNIT, NHIS among others,” he explained.

He emphasized that the mass registration exercise “is non-political and not meant to give political advantage to any political party.

Source:Ghana/ Appiah

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