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01.12.2019 General News

U/E: Bongo Assembly Supports Students, Persons With Disability

By News Desk
U/E: Bongo Assembly Supports Students, Persons With Disability

The Bongo District Assembly in the Upper East Region has disbursed an amount of GHC111,045.00 through the disability fund of the District Assembly Common fund to 100 persons with disabilities to better their livelihoods through income-generating activities.


The support given to the beneficiaries was based on their needs and capacity to manage their business proposals as startups.

Speaking at the occasion of the disbursement of funds to beneficiaries in Bongo, District Chief Executive, Peter Ayinbisa, admonished the beneficiaries to utilize funds for its intended purpose.

“Our emphasis is on the establishment and expansion of small scale businesses particularly for persons with disability to help reduce their over-dependence on their immediate families and begging from the streets. The negative perception of persons with disability as persons without any ability to do anything on their own has for a long time been disapproved thus the need to support them realize their dreams”.


Mr. Ayinbisa hinted that the assembly through the Businesses Advisory Center will monitor the progress and challenges of their businesses and provide them with the necessary advice to expand their businesses.

He urged family members of the beneficiaries to support them flourish instead of harassing them for the financial assistance given them to start up small businesses.


Mr. Ayinbisa also hinted that the plans are far advanced to complete the Bongo resource center for persons with disabilities to provide skills for their development and establishment of businesses.

Bongo Assembly gives scholarship to 64 tertiary students

The Bongo District Assembly also disbursed GHC64, 000.00 to 64 tertiary students under government scholarship.

Mr. Ayinbisa said, out of 200 applicants for the scholarship support, 64 successful applicants made it after a thorough assessment.


The least beneficiary got GHC800.00 while the highest got GHC2,800.00 for the payment of school fees and purchase of learning materials.

He admonished beneficiary students to take their education serious and to return to serve the district after the successful completion of their programmes.