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29.11.2019 Article

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo Celebrates JM @61

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo Celebrates JM @61
NOV 29, 2019 ARTICLE

Today at 61 you have proven to be more relevant than someone at 75 when it comes to governance.

You have shown that age doesn't make one commitment to his nation or repent from stealing, lying and being wickid.

You have proven to the people of Ghana that at 61 you can be relied upon and be trusted.

At 61,you have proven to the people of Ghana that you are the king of infrastructure by borrowing less and building more unlike those who have borrowed more and built nothing.

At 61,you have made access to Education so easy that someone at 75 is confused on the job.

At 61, your focus is to build a Ghana that everyone will be happy and feel part of the system unlike someone at 75 who deliberately render people jobless, frustrated and satisfying only family members and friends.

At 61, you will not buy ambulances and keep them to present them for votes in election year but you built hospitals by improving our health system and establishing the Ghana umbulance service and ONUADOR to bring health care closer to the people.

At 61,you have made the people of Ghana regret for believing the lies of someone at 75 who today is calling them blind with jaundice, ungrateful witches and wizard for hardship someone at 75 has brought on our life.

At 61, you have proven to us that the Youth can take their destiny into their own hands.

May these laughter bring victory to us come 2020 to RESCUE the people of Ghana from the animal called ELEPHANT.

Mr President, On behalf of the Youth in Bono Region, I wish you a happy bday and may you continue to be the real you and not like others.

Ghana is waiting for you Mr President.
Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

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