22.03.2006 General News

Canoes Using Truck Engines?

22.03.2006 LISTEN
By Times

THE shortage of marine engines (outboard motors) on the market has put the ingenuity of some fishermen to the test. They are said to be improvising with engines meant for trucks to propel their canoes.

The truck engines, they say are much less expensive than the marine engines, which are not available on the market. The National President of the Ghana Inshore Fishermen Association (GIFA), Joseph Nii Armah Quaye says the situation is so alarming that the government needs to take urgent steps to address the shortage.

However, asked to comment, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Fisheries, Emmanuel Quaye, apparently not aware of the use of truck engines by the fishermen said it is not true that fishermen, have resorted to using truck engines.

Nii Quaye, however, was emphatic that the fishermen are increasingly shifting to the use of the DAF truck engines which are bought from the market at an average cost of ¢55 million. He said if one was lucky to come by a marine engine, one would pay up to ¢120 million.

The issue came up a forum held for chief fishermen at Elmina. On fish steocks, Nii Quaye he said the association is currently holding discussions with the Attorney-General on how to use light in fishing in a more responsible manner to avoid the depletion of fish stock and fingerlings.

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