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27.11.2019 Europe

Paris Live, Wednesday 27 November 2019

By David Coffey with RFI
NOV 27, 2019 EUROPE

In today's edtion of Paris Live, we have the latest on the traffic disruption across the French capital as hundreds of Farmers descend on Paris to demonstrate against state policies and international agereements which Farmers believe threaten their way of life.

We look at how the #MeToo movement, highlighting sexual harrassment and exploitation, has taken on a new twist here in France with recent allegations against a French film director making the headlines.

In news from Africa, we hear from our correspondent in Harare, to discuss how the ongoing doctors strike is affecting the population in Zimbabwe as the protest enters its 86th Day. 

All the latest from the Cairo International Film Festival and how a South African entry "Fiela's Son", by the young director Brett Michael Innes has been received as a cinematic discussion on the social constraints of race and colonization.

On the cultural side of things, we learn how four brave speakers will share their stories of professional failure at the maiden opening of "F***k Up Nights here in Paris this evening.