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27.11.2019 Regional News

DCE-Dormaa East Entreat His People To Vote Yes In The Forthcoming Referendum

By Linda Osei-Fobi
DCE-Dormaa East Entreat His People To Vote Yes In The Forthcoming Referendum

The District Chief Executive of Dormaa East, Hon. Emmanuel Kofi Agyeman has entreated chiefs and people of his jurisdiction, to vote YES in the forthcoming referendum during the District Level Elections on Tuesday, December 17 in order to allow for the amendment of clause 3 of article 55 of the 1992 constitution which denies district-level election to be conducted on partisan bases.

At six separate special town hall meetings organized by the district assembly across the major towns in the district, Hon. Kofi Agyeman explained several advantages that far outweigh any disadvantages to voting YES. He emphasized that voting Yes would deepen democracy in Ghana and ensure that all elected local authorities render accounts unto the local people. He, therefore, tasked every tom dick and hurry at each of the meetings to as a matter of importance, see to voting first before any business in that day.

He attributed the low interest and turnout to assembly men and unit committee elections to lack of partisan participation and added that voting YES at the referendum would help rectify that anomaly. He reiterated that in order for the amendment to be successful, it behooves on the people to come out in their numbers to vote that day since the constitutional mandate requires at least 40% of voter turnout of registered members and 75% YES votes to effect a change.

Tuesdays are busy days for many in Dormaa and its environs due to the major market day at Dormaa Ahenkro but the DCE insists that all and sundry treat the national event as very important and nothing should be allowed as a stumbling block.

The DCE noted that related to the referendum is also the amendment of article 243(1) which solely gives a sitting president the prerogative to appoint MMDCEs and it is already being looked at with much consideration and interest by Parliament and by its amendment power will change hands to Ghanaians to now elect their own MMDCEs. He called on Ghanaians to appreciate the president for giving us this privilege and back parliament with our YES votes.

In all, almost 1000 people made of traditional authorities, pastors and church elders, imams, political parties representatives among other associations and groups were sensitized on district level elections and the referendum at the various town hall meetings which took place at Akontanim, Kyeremasu, Wamanafo, Wamfie, Asuotiano and Dormaa Akwamu with the main aim of canvasing for YES votes.

In the entourage of the District Chief Executive at the meetings, was the Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Lawyer Solomon Twumasi who took time to explain the articles and clauses of the constitutional provisions for the forthcoming events in order to broaden the understanding of the people on what is at stake. He also encouraged the people of the district to vote YES on the Referendum ballot sheet to ensure a better democratic governance.

The District Information Officer, Madam Linda Osei – Fobi also encouraged the people to come out in their numbers in this special December 17 elections to vote YES for a successful referendum. She argued that a successful referendum would make way for other amendments and ensure certain policies in a post-referendum which would cater for a smooth running of governance structure in the system where it would be impossible for any opposition sabotage. She called on electorates to be rest assured of a more peaceful and reliable multi-party democracy in the days ahead should the referendum go on successfully.

The District Director of the National Commission on Civic Education, Mr. Emmanuel Henneh, disabused the notion that the December 17 election was for electing MMDCEs and explained to the people, exactly what pertains on the day, asking them to come out in their numbers to exercise their civic right as patriotic Ghanaians. He also touched on the dos and don’ts of the election process.