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26.11.2019 Article


By Felicity Baiden
Felicity Baiden
NOV 26, 2019 ARTICLE

Many are the times I heard men and women, rich and poor, civilised and uncivilised saying that simple life is living in a manner that is normal to everyone, finding joy in the simple things, and being content with solitude, contemplation and savouring the moment. People say that when living a simple life, you have fewer things to worry about, fewer distractions and less energy pulls and drains.

But it will surprise you that after you are done reading this article, you would know that simple life is not measured by self-sufficiency, contentment nor refraining from luxury. And to your surprise simplicity isn’t living a healthy spirit filled life, or increase in quality time for family and friends, work-life balance, financial sustainability, frugality or reducing stress. Rather, simplicity is embedded in one’s vision in life. Your vision simplifies everything about your life.

Your vision defines your path in life, it empowers your decisions and your decisions control your destiny and your destiny dictates your destination. Your vision adds meaning to your life; it determines your address in life.

Your vision dictates your choice of friends, hobbies, games, films, books, music and even your choice of fashion. For instance, your vision is to be a mechanist and imagine you reading law books and being surrounded by friends who are genuinely interested in meteorology, you are nothing but a failure to your vision. Your vision simplifies everything in life; vision serves as the compass to the captain.

A man or a woman with a clear vision for his/her life lives a narrow life, but loose men and women hide behind the idea of simplicity and do nothing about their gift and God’s ordained purpose for them. You are thrown off restraint because of loss of vision.

There are a lot of confused, stressed, and distracted people in Africa, Ghana to be specific, because of lack of vision. If any man or woman desires a simple life, let him or her capture and pursue his or her vision first.

Simple people live their vision.
Thank you.
by: Baiden, Felicity.
25th November, 2019.

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