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26.11.2019 US & Canada

Criticism Of New Trump Challenger - Sanders: Michael Bloomberg Must Not "Buy" Election

Criticism Of New Trump Challenger - Sanders: Michael Bloomberg Must Not

Why Michael Bloomberg contradicts himself with his announcement.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg wants to challenge President Donald Trump in the US election. His entry into the race for the Democratic candidacy has also met with criticism from his own party.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has sharply criticized his new internal party rival Michael Bloomberg. "We don't believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections," the left-wing senator wrote on Sunday on Twitter with a view to the US election in less than a year's time. "That's why multi-billionaires like Michael Bloomberg won't get very far in this election." Bloomberg is considered one of the richest men in the world and had previously announced his official candidacy for the Democratic presidential election.

The billionaire and former mayor of New York announced on Sunday: "I am running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America. We can't afford another four years of President Trump's ruthless and unethical actions." The 77-year-old Democrat, who once founded the financial and media company named after him, can bring considerable financial resources into an election campaign against the Republican Trump (73).

Bloomberg is a media mogul
Questions were raised by Bloomberg's influence on his media empire. CNN journalist Oliver Darcy distributed an internal letter from editor-in-chief John Micklethwait to Bloomberg news agency staff on Sunday. The letter said that the agency's editorials had so far reflected Bloomberg's opinion. In the future, there will only be articles signed by name. The "tradition" of not conducting investigative research on Bloomberg will be continued. This now also applies to democratic competitors for the candidacy. However, research on the Trump government will continue.

Bloomberg is considered a moderate democrat. In the race for the Democrats' presidential candidacy, he is thus competing above all with former US Vice President Joe Biden, who has so far led the polls. Recently, however, Biden was weak. The internal competition caught up with him in polls, and partially overtook him in fundraising. At first, Biden did not comment on Bloomberg's candidacy.

In March, Bloomberg had still publicly declared that he did not want to become a presidential candidate. According to reports, he deliberately decided not to run for president in order to avoid getting in Biden's way. But Biden's appearance seems to have disappointed Bloomberg.

Bloomberg now announced that he would present plans for a number of pressing issues during his election campaign, including the creation of well-paid jobs, medical care for all Americans, an end to violence through the misuse of firearms, the fight against climate change and reform of migration legislation. He also promised to increase taxes on wealthy people like me. He wanted to make the USA again a force for peace and stability in the world.

Trump has not yet made a statement
Trump initially did not comment on Bloomberg's candidacy. However, the president had already reacted days ago with mockery to reports of a possible Bloomberg candidacy. Little Michael" lacks the "magic" needed to win an election, teased Trump. "He won't do well." Bloomberg accused Trump of "narrow-mindedness and hatred and false politics" on Sunday. He was never more concerned about America's future than he is today. "To defeat Trump and rebuild America is the most urgent and important struggle of our lives."

Bloomberg joins the already overcrowded field of Democratic candidates extremely late. Although numerous party colleagues have already resigned, almost 20 Democrats are still applying for their party's presidential candidacy. Most of them have been campaigning for months. The primary elections, in which the Democrats finally determine their candidate for the presidential election in November 2020, begin in early February in Iowa.

Prominent candidates for the candidacy had already positioned themselves against the new competitor in recent days in view of speculations about Bloomberg's candidacy. In particular Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who are also on the left and have been among the leaders in polls so far and repeatedly take a stand against the super-rich, were targeting Bloomberg's wealth.

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