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26.11.2019 Angola

Angola To Host The 31st AFRINIC Public Policy Meeting

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Angola To Host The 31st AFRINIC Public Policy Meeting
NOV 26, 2019 ANGOLA

Ebene, Mauritius, 26th November 2019: From the 2-6 December 2019 hundreds of key players in the African and Global Internet industry sector will be taking part in the 31st Public Policy Meeting of the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC).

Dubbed AFRINIC 31, the event will take place at the Talatona Convention Centre (HCTA). AFRINIC-31 is organised by AFRINIC in collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MTTI) and the Association of Internet Service Providers in Angola (AAPSI).

AFRINIC 29 will be graced by H.E José Carvalho da Rocha, The Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, during the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 3rd December at 9.00 am. that will be followed by a Press Conference at 10.45 am.

The event which is held annually consists of keynote speeches, policy discussions, seminars, workshops, tutorials and other forums for sharing ICT knowledge within the African region. The 2018 edition was held in Hammamet, Tunisia, and was attended by over 254 delegates from 43 countries around the world.

Internet penetration in Africa has grown from 11% to 28.6% in just five years. However, statistics indicate that Africa is still way behind based on such measurement parameters as IP address allocations and usage. In April 2017, AFRINIC entered the depletion phase of the fourth version of IP Addresses (IPv4) way behind the other four regional Internet registries whose distribution of the latest version IPv6 is continuing apace. AFRINIC-31 will thus provide various stakeholders with the opportunity and space to discuss various issues such as Internet development and penetration, the roles of government and regulators in Internet resource distribution and use, and the role of the Internet in Africa’s development agenda. Please read more about the event here (


AFRINIC is the Regional Internet Registry for Africa headquartered in Ebene, Mauritius.

It is responsible for the distribution and management of Internet number resources (IP address space and Autonomous System Numbers) in Africa and the Indian Ocean region. AFRINIC ensures equitable and efficient distribution of Internet number resources to the African Internet community to support Internet technology usage and development across the continent. More on AFRINIC can be found at

About our Local Host
The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology of Angola (MTTI). MTTI represents Angola in international telecommunications, grants licenses to operators, promotes the growth of industry technologies, mediates disputes, and protects consumers and sets policies and regulation for telecommunications, IT, and postal services. For more information on MTTI please visit the website ( )

The Angolan Internet Service Providers Association (AAPSI) is a non-profit National Association that seeks is to bring together all the operators and providers of Electronic Communications services that include; service and information access providers, network operators and companies that are active in the Internet and Technology Ombudsman services providing a forum where members can share solid information and practices for Internet development in Angola. For more information on AAPSI please visit the website ( )