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25.11.2019 Feature Article

An Open Letter To Cheeky Jeff Peate - Who Posts On Facebook

Jeff Peate, sorry, Kofi Thompson doesn't need your money. As it happens, my family's landholding portfolio, alone, is worth ten times your paltry $2 million. Please note that I say this humbly, and only in matter-of-fact-fashion, in repudiation of your infernal cheek.

For your information, I am a respected columnist, who regularly writes and posts online (, articles condemning the online fraudsters from nation's across the west African sub-region, who have turned Ghana into a global power in online fraud. I am not one of those crooks, damn it. Haaba.

Try and be more respectful of others, whom you would never dare insult, were you to come across them face to face, in real life. Please update your knowledge about Africa and Africans. We are tired of cheeky ultra-right folk who don't understand that for existential-necessity-reasons, the human race must reach out to each other. Always.

Finally, with respect, one day soon, you will doubtless read about Rahael Afordoanyi's serendipitous renewable energy sector stand-alone off-grid power system invention in even Mr. Rupert Murdoch's extreme rightwing media outlets in Australia. And they will all sing his praises and celebrate his genius. Regardless of what you say to the contrary, Raphael Afordoanyi's invention is definitely the holy grail of global power generation. Full stop! Cool.

Kofi Thompson
Kofi Thompson, © 2019

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