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25.11.2019 Religion

A Slave To The Prophetic [Part 1]

By Richmond Duafah
A Slave To The Prophetic [Part 1]

The prophetic over the years has become the most misunderstood dimension of the gifts of the spirits because of the deceptive mindset of the custodian of such gifts though anointed or the mentorship training granted the practitioner of such gift by whichever head he might have subscribed his life to. This is a major concern and should be addressed in love. We know of the false preachers, teachers, apostles and evangelist but I want us to focus on the prophetic, it’s the canker of the season.

There are many families today represented in Africa under the siege of poverty and hardship until forever, why? A prophet told the man to sell the house, the car and empty his bank account and come and drop the seed on the altar for a 24hr major breakthrough. There is an on-going divorce case now as you read this, and if you ask the children why? They will say a prophet told their mother that Daddy is not the real husband though married with kids. And these children will live their lives as bastards because of an unrefined prophet who may not even be a born again Christian. Young men have left their lucrative job to start a ministry they never had the character to maintain because a man of God stamped the feet and said “quit your job, the Lord needs you in the vineyard” and the guy has started a ministry and doesn’t even know why he is in ministry, why? A prophet said so. Am I attacking prophets, never? I have prophesied many times so this is not a personal attack at all. This message is served to deliver those who have elevated the word of the prophets above the word of God.

A relationship heading towards marriage met a prophet on the way and then change the course, as we speak the lady is 40 years and the guy has left the country, he doesn’t know what is next, why? The prophet said so. A student will choose to put oil, salt and a prophetic pen under the pillow with the head on the pillow awaiting an angel to appear from nowhere to deposit the examination question into his head whiles the book from which the exams will be set lies idle, why? A prophetic direction. An educated man somewhere has left the wife and kids to suffer because the prophet said “I saw in the realm of the spirit a woman in your house with two kids” and the man confirmed “that’s my family”. Then follows the next prophetic direction “That sayeth the Lord, go and divorce your wife” And the uneducated fool from an educated school will go home and bring the word of the prophet to manifestation. And this same woman he said “I do” to, he is saying “I can’t”, why? A prophet said so.

It was in this very nation that a married woman went to a prophet with a flat tummy and came back with a protruded belly, and the report confirmed that she was pregnant with a prophetic insemination. Hmm, a slave to the prophetic. It was in this very Africa that a prophet told the entire congregation to eat the green grass and drink petrol on top as a command from heaven, and the helpless congregation who left their bible at home never knew that was not God, a slave to the prophetic indeed. A husband will ask the wife “honey, I am broke today, lend me some few dollars ending of the month I will pay back” the lady will say in anger “ honey, I don’t have money, are you not the man of the house?”. A few minutes later she will pack dollars and go and give to a prophet in the name of a prophetic direction and the man you said “for better for worst to, is wondering whether you were the same person he proposed marriage to. Please don’t get angry, we are solving a serious issue here.

Brethren, if we don’t begin to prioritize the 66 books in the bible given to us by God over any prophetic word we will be frustrated. God himself that called these prophets into ministry said “I have exalted MY WORD above all my names”, meaning “my WORD is superior to anything including my names and don’t be a slave to the prophetic”. The issue is Christians are very lazy in our days. The very thing God has been telling us, we want to hear it from another man even if that man is a fetish priest.

Friends, I pray you won’t get me wrong. Samaria was delivered because of a prophet, Israel was delivered because of a prophet and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ was prophesied by a prophet so we can’t downplay or subjugate the office of the prophetic because there are things that only prophets can do and to ignore the prophets in those angle is to ignore your deliverance. But many false prophets have invaded the system. If they are not false they are either genuine prophet who have been corrupted by the affairs of this world. The gift will still be operational even if the prophet is out of God’s plan so how careful can you be?

So how do you guard your heart? The only sure way of guarding your heart is to cleave to the more SURE WORD OF PROPHECY which is the WORD of God. Get a bible and sit with it, search through it until you meet letters that correspond with your destiny then stick to it. No man of God is anointed than the word of God. Get the word of God and stick to it until you receive your word from God.

As I end this missive I quote Act 20:32 that says “ And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the WORD OF HIS GRACE , which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified”.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! Grant me limitless access to your word by your spirit.

R. Duafah
[email protected]