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24.11.2019 Europe

Turkey Arrests Islamic State (IS) Fighters In Northern Syria

...Man Apparently Planned Attack In Germany.
Turkey Arrests Islamic State (IS) Fighters In Northern Syria
NOV 24, 2019 EUROPE

Turkish police officers of the anti-terror unit have arrested a suspected IS fighter in Northern Syria.

In Northern Syria, the Turkish police officers have arrested a man who was assigned to the "Islamic State" (IS). He is said to have planned and ordered attacks in Russia and Germany, among other places.

According to Turkey, a fighter of the jihadist militia "Islamic State" (IS), who is said to have planned attacks in Germany and Russia, has been arrested. The arrested person had "planned and ordered" an attack in a shopping centre in Hamburg and a bomb attack in Russia in 2018". The Turkisch Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu told the newspaper "Hürriyet" in an interview published on Friday.

He was an important member of the IS. The man named Jusuf Heba is an explosives expert and has trained suicide bombers. Soylu said to have been arrested by Turkish security forces in Asas, Northern Syria.

Arrested man supposed to be a mastermind for attacks

The Turkish Minister of the Interior did not give precise details of the attacks in Germany and Russia, for which Heba is said to be responsible as the mastermind. During the attack in Hamburg he seems to refer to the knife attack of an asylum seeker in July 2017 in front of a supermarket in the district of Barmbek in Hamburg-Germany. One man died, six others were injured.

A few months later, the perpetrator was sentenced to life imprisonment. According to the court, the Palestinian had an Islamic motive, but no contact with the IS or other networks. According to the investigations, the man had no contact with the Islamic State (IS).

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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