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23.11.2019 Poem

The Corridors of Power

By Brian Kazungu
The Corridors of Power

The corridors of power are always a burning furnace of fire
If your mind and heart is not refined, walking in it must not be your desire
Quite often it's manned by the unscrupulous, including deceivers and liars
They will puncture your heart and deflate your spirit to look like a flat tyre

You can walk in there elegant and fresh but you will leave looking retarded and sour
Be wise and be smart if you want to manoeuvre in the corridors of this high tower
Or else, in no time, cunning evil men will strip your glory like a withering flower
They wash you away like heavy rains, you won't sing and dance like one taking a shower

In the corridors of power, with all wisdom, carefully guard the treasures of your heart
In the corridors of power, with intellect, mind the words that come out of your mouth
In the corridors of power, with elegance and dignity, mind each of all the steps you take
In the corridors of power, be totally in charge of all your feelings and all your thoughts

In the corridors of power, be careful of what you see, because looks can be very deceiving
Let not your eyes give you the last decision, don't let your eyes be the only basis of your perceiving
In the corridors of power, stand firm on the feet of your brains and open your eyes of conscience
Don't take everything as it is, but rather be critical and don't be afraid to ask the relevant questions

In the corridors of power, let wisdom, knowledge and understanding be your nature
Always feed and drink upon them every day as they continue to build your good stature
Never lose them, don't let them go, let them pave the way of happiness into your future
In whatever you do in these corridors, peace, favour and respect, for you, let them nurture

In the corridors of power, never hold on to power, let it freely and smoothly flow in and out
Rather be the conduit of power, for if you keep holding unto it, power will surely burn you out
In the corridors of power, don't be the power, but like God himself, be the source of power
In your coming and going out, never forget that the corridors of power are a furnace of fire

┬ęBrian Kazungu, 22 November 2019