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22.11.2019 General News

Presbyterian Minister Advocates For Post-Marital Counseling

By Kpodoson Stanick
Presbyterian Minister Advocates For Post-Marital Counseling

The Sunyani District Minister for the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Rev Sam Foster Kwakye has advocated for post-marital counseling, asserting that the current trend where couples are left to their own fate and struggle after the marriage ceremony is one of the main causes of marriage break ups.

He noted that post-marital issues are more sensitive and have the potential of also destroying the two families that formed the marriage.

Rev Kwakye who has layed hands on hundreds of marriages in his many decades pastoral career with rich and enviable experience as Marriage Counselor says, even though, pastors have the responsibility in diverse ways to ensure successful marriage of their church members, Pastors, Marriage Counselors and Agents are only concerned about pre-marital counseling and fail to make follow-ups on marriages with the excuse not to be seen as intruders and pokers when they were the same Reverends who blessed the marriage.

He called for periodic engagement of dialogue with couples to afford Pastors or the Church Council an opportunity to identify marital problems and avert marriage breakups.

According to the sensational preacher, shedding responsibilities and lack of appreciation of partners are some more causes of mind-blowing records of unwarranted divorces.

He wooed all pastors to continously offer advice to couples and wait not for problems to be reported to them before they act.

He advised pastors and all religious leaders to stop the fire fighting approach and be proactive to rescue and sustain marriages.

He also advised members and the general public to carefully choose their love partners and not to bow to any pressure and rush into marriage with high expectations.

He recommended commitment, effective communication, modest dressing and charged couples to spend quality time with their partners and satisfactory sexual intimacy, urging that marriage should be founded on Biblical Christian tenets with reference to Genesis 2:18, 24:10, 24:67, amongst others.

Rev Sam Foster Kwakye espoused this when he delivered a mentorship talk in a joint programme organised by the Young People's Guild (YPG) and Young Adults Fellowship (YAF) of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Sunyani on the theme "Choosing A Life Partner".