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Sarcastic: Thank You For The Shrine, Minister

By News Desk
Sarcastic: Thank You For The Shrine, Minister

Dear Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs

Thank you for your strong support for the building of the National Shrine. We were shocked and delighted when we heard of your proposal for us. No more shall we have our annual meetings on trees at Bechem Nkwanta. Thank you for patronising Made in Ghana.

These are the benefits you shall derive from us:

  1. All the invalid or blank votes in elections are votes from us and the ancestors. You shall have all these votes. In 2012 that number was over 200k votes; that was the third highest after NPP/NDC. Next year, more ancestors will vote.
  2. We will be monitoring social media for all those insulting us and our National Shrine. Leave them to us. We will show them that we were doing video calls in calabashes before internet came
  3. Our Shrine will serve as Tourist Attraction (you justified National Cathedral with this, why can’t we?). Tourists from all over the world can see Flying carpets, Spiritual embassy branches, Two-way ancestor Mirrors etc. GRA and Tourism Authority are free to try to tax us
  4. Please present us with names of companies not paying taxes. 3 days later, check your MOMO account
  5. We understand you are having challenges with a referendum in December. Tell us what you want people to see on the ballot sheet.

Please note that we are always available for discussions on procurement, budgeting etc. Just invite us for the meeting, we assure you, the cost of putting up the shrine will be FREE.

If you want to contact us, please check under your bed, we have placed a calabash under it. Mention “Sebubu Shrine” 3 times and we shall be there.

DynoDyno- Facebook Class Captain