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22.11.2019 General News

Referendum: Ga East MCE Advocates For 'Yes' Vote

Referendum: Ga East MCE Advocates For 'Yes' Vote

Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Ga East Municipal Assembly (GEMA), Janet Tulasi Mensah is urging the general to vote ‘YES’ in the upcoming Referendum.

According to her; voting ‘YES’ will give political parties the opportunity to involve themselves in the local district elections.

Speaking at a Meet-The-Press series in Accra, the MCE said “I will urge all Ghanaians to vote ‘YES’. It does not give the ordinary Ghanaian the chance to vote for their favourite candidates but political parties the chance to involve themselves in local level elections”

She further added that although there is little understanding on the part of Ghanaians about the Referendum, she believes the mass education from the Municipality will help citizens under the need to exercise their franchise.

The MCE tasked the Muslim, Christian leaders and Chiefs to educate their subjects on the essence of the referendum.

Speaking on Education, Madam Tulasi Mensah mentioned that pupils in Basic Schools in the Municipality are chalking success in their various exams.

She said “The school children are doing very well in their exams. They are chalking first and are making the Municipality very proud.

On Roads, Hon Mensah noted that the Municipality has managed to overlay asphalt on most major roads in the 10 electoral areas.

She added that the Municipal Assembly is working on drains, ‘virgin roads’ among others in the Ga East Municipal Assembly.

On Sanitation, the MCE lauded the Municipal Assembly for its good works encouraging them to work hard to help the President achieve his vision of making Accra the cleanest city in Africa.

She said “The EU is supporting the Municipality with sanitary bins and logistics to ensure that the Municipality will be clean. I will plead with constituents to desist attacking the task force workers who visit homes to inspect the filth made.”

Speaking on flooding in Ga East, the MCE mentioned that lands situated on water-logged areas have been sold.

“The Assembly will be organizing a mass demolishing exercise of which structures built on waterways are crashed down. The constituents should cooperate with us,” she posited.

Janet Tulasi Mensah added that the Municipality has liaised with the Police of which two officers will be assigned with the Task Force team to inspect various homes.

The Municipal Chief Executive says she is confident the Ga East Municipal Assembly will be one of the best going forward.